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There is able to be perfumed an art as ancient as the humanity. The history of one of the most profitable world industries that exist, goes back at the stone Age, when the man was incinerating aromatic wood for pure pleasure. The first handmade perfumistas that have news were the Egyptians who managed to extract natural aromas of the most varied types.
With the time the perfumery has suffered many transformations up to coming to the industrial production and to the category of luxury article. Fix one of the discoveries to come to this it was the Arab find of the alcohol, in the VIIIth century. Oils and fragrant resins diluted in alcohol revealed the whole plenitude of aromatic qualities.
November, 2006
Under the name of BIT GENERATION Carlos Gálico has included three concepts that preside at the tendencies of the hairstyles for this period: "B" of "beauty" of beauty, of being nice, inside and on the outside; “I“ of "inteligent" of being able to move to obtain with intelligence the targets that are proposed;
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