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Hillary Clinton candidate to the White House with 60 years, Madonna reigns of pop a few months before fulfilling the 50, winning Helen Mirren of an Oscar to his 61 and Kim Basinger one of the most wished women of the world with 52 years. It remains clear that something has changed and that the women of between 50 and 65 years of small today have to do with the stereotypes minted in the past.
To see what has changed in the current women from 50 to 65 years with regard to those of previous generations, a sociological study has been started for the first time in depth to know the image, the habits of life, the worries and the desires of the Spanish woman in the ripeness stage. The Study Different from the 50 there is sid

It is called this way, “Francis Montesinos“ perfumes, and it is a soft fragrance created with petals of rose, jasmine, irises or citric elements: it is not a fresh aroma but sweetly, rather, a miscellany of both, a series of aromas of the nature as the lavender or the sap, combined the smoke of the incense as the olibanum or the myrrh either; it will sell exclusive in 1.300 establishments that the company Mercadona possesses in the whole Spain. With this perfume, the Valencian designer Francis Montesinos wants to be close to the woman, to fill it with light and with Mediterranean folklore and to extend this aroma for the whole society: it is a “democratic perfume” and accessible to the familiar pockets. 


Sk-II the prestigious mark of facial care of Japanese origin fulfills his first year of life in our country. The first one of his spaces of beauty was inaugurated at the end of 2006 and at present already fourteen are the Sk-II spaces in different centers of the English Cut of the whole Spain. 

Throughout this year numerous persons have allowed to be seduced by the philosophy of this mark and for his ingredient it covers with stars "pitera" that generate real entusiamso in those who prove it. That's why, owing to his first anniversary Sk-II it has started a finished menu of treatments of 30 and 60 minutes based on a combination of ancestral Japanese skills as the "Kobido" or the "Shiatsu" in his exclusive spaces of beauty of El Corte Ingles.

December, 2007
The Christmas holidays approach and a perfume turns into a surprise, a caprice, a festive exhuberancia, a touch of magic for a very exclusive Christmas present. It is true that every season has a type of aroma certain: the floral waters and the fruity colonies are own of the warm stations, while in winter the general tendency is praised by the very elaborated perfumes.
November, 2007
Is it possible today to sign up to the myth of the eternal youth? Difficult question … but yes it is possible to face the passage of time steadfastness and to demonstrate that it is possible to be beautiful at any age. The enemies watch: crow's feet, flaccidity, wrinkles, spots, are some facial elements where the aging is reflected. Till now it was fighting with plastic surgery, but today there triumph new generations of products, devices and treatments that produce an effective action in the face. The battle is served.
October, 2007
Making itself up is an art, a daily habit practised by million women who think about how to know the fashionable tendencies, the coloring of period: how to choose the ideal colors for every person and every moment...? This period not only a revival of the 80s lives through your clothes, also your beauty kit. It chooses strident colors like blue pop, the orange acid or the pink chewing gum and, especially the mystery of the seduction.
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