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For: Ann Longar
The eyes are capable of reflecting all our interior world. His expressive capacity has no limits and his seduction power turns them into a key point of the makeup. For this period autumn - winter continue on the one hand the tones cake and by other there is imposed the tendency of the metallic shades with golden colors and bronze. But there is something that can do to the even more expressive eyes: the personal skill at the time of making them up to heighten his strong points and to hide his problems. We suggest you a few simple but effective tricks
The first step is to prepare the linen. The dust and the base of the makeup can be this first preparation on which we will apply in the whole surface of the top eyelid a very clear dull shade, for example pale pink because it is capable of erasing the greyish or purple tone typical of the eyelids. Later the election comes d
A moisturizing product is not alone. CLARINS has thrown a beautiful treatment that provides to the skin a gentleness and a flexibility like the silk. Lait Hidratant Corps Soyeux is simultaneously unctuoso and melting, comfortably and at the same time of immediate absorption, without making the greasy skin not sticky in what he allows to dress himself immediately after his application. To give a presentation adapted to this product, the bottle it has also a shiny texture and it is of pink color. Also his fragrance combines the soft and refined notes of the cotton flower, of the mallow and of the white iris.
Thanks to a new and unpublished technology, Thierry Mugler has managed to multiply the olfactory possibilities of Angel with a line of perfumes of new generation: in gel, in cream, in milk, in oil, mist or spray that spread the notes of this product during so much time and as faithfully as a perfume water. Angel revolutionizes this way the world of the fragrances to "live" through his perfume of a different way and creates the new art of being perfumed. Every product of this collection is presented by a bold design of lines and curves inspired by a universe of stars.

September, 2008
Three are the challenges that the perfect diet must chase for after the holidays: to favor the elimination of the kilos of more, product of the summer "rest", to help us to support the favoring bronze-colored tone of the skin and fight the photo-aging product of the biggest solar exhibition. Doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill, specialists of esthetic medicine, offer us his advices and an appropriate diet.
July, 2008
If the writers have looked for the most secret metaphors to discover the emotion of a perfume or histories concerning the fragrances, nobody still knows why a fragrance pleases. In this mystery, the companies of the luxury invest immense quantities of money to put in a bottle the "soul" of the house, which is what tries to reflect a perfume. It discovers which she is your darling between the last throwings of this period.
June, 2008
It is the best solution if you look for an instantaneous, nice color, which increases the glamor of your summer garments. His formulae are much perfected and contain a big number of assets that contribute the maximum possible color within a period of two or three hours. It is true that the benefits of the light of the sun in the skin are undeniable: they become oxygenated the organism and it provides an enviable good color. Nevertheless, the ozone depletion (1`5 % less), does that to the increase of the solar burns they are more rapid and the most frequent risks.
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