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The new coloring of the makeup debates between two extreme positions between which intermediate formulae can be chosen. We have seen them in the last footbridges like one more sample of the intimate relation that exists between fashion and makeup and the joint inspiration that joins designers and make-up artists. On the one hand there is the tendency that it praises for look deep with effect "smokey" that dyes the black's eyelid and for other one the one that is praised by the tones "nude" and an extreme paleness.
In accordance with these basic norms the make-up artists of the cosmetic signatures provide his personal version for the makeups autumn - winter. NUDE INSPIRATION The inspiration Nude is the chosen one by Thibault Vabre, artistic director of Makeup Clarins, who explains it this way: The golden rule of Nude is simple.
The luxury has come to the drugstore of the hand of Premium a mark that the Lierac investigation emphasizes and offers like the most effective treatment anti-age. A cream of melting and greasy texture with moisturizing and emollient agents that associates the wealth of the butter of karité with the vegetable oils and the velvety tact of natural compounds severely chosen. An innovation inspired by the most recent skills of face-lift with a system of unpublished filling of wrinkles associated with the pure hialurónico and Relaxor Bx Complex.

The collection of perfumes “Byredo Parfums“ has appeared in Madrid exclusive for Spain with the presence of his founder and governing creative Ben Gorham. The collection of perfumes of this mark assigns a smell all the time of the life: the infancy, the adolescence, the family with a fragrances line unisex: Green, Fantastic Man, Chembur, Bal Afrique, Pulp, Gypsy Water, Rose Noir and Blanche. An union between east and Occident. In a very little time this mark and his perfumes are present in the most selective shops of the world.
September, 2009
From autumn, when the solar beams lose force, it is the best moment to tackle the “operation draft”. The spots are the third apex of the triangle of the aging together with the wrinkles and the flaccidity, with the sun as explosive I always number one. His favorite areas are those more at sight: hands, neck, neckline and especially the face where the spots are more visible especially in the cases of híper pigmentation, very difficult to camouflage with the makeup.
July, 2009
In the days of beach and of the sun the makeup does not go on to a background … only puts itself to tone with the station and is reserved for the holidays and the most playful moments. That's why it fills with a major fantasy. This year they dominate the "sheens". The cosmetics signatures compete in presenting to us proposals that shine with the force of his coloring magicians. These are some of more glamurosos makeups for the summer 2009.
June, 2009
The longed days of beach and of the sun are … to the return of the corner. But it is necessary to receive to the star king as it is deserved: with happiness but with precaution so that his wonderful beams do not create problems and we could show a nice tone tanned without staking the skin. If we are cautious the sun will appear before us as a healthy source of vitamins and an agreeable pleasure. A few orientations of the signature Lancaster, they will help us to extract the maximum divided to the solar exhibition.
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