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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
It is a new concept and he is born like alternative to all that that is traditional: in Spain, only it exists in Madrid, in san Sebastián and in Valencia; but in other European capitals – like London – this pioneering experience is very well-known; he thinks about how to fill a gap on the Spanish market with personalized and specializing offers: the care of the body and some natural extracts of high place standing, there constitute his identity signs.
It is provided with the exclusive interview in Espaa of the signature Laura Mercier, the make-up artist of Julia Roberts, Jennifer López, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, between others. Fiona Milne, knew in his country England - the success of this type of specialization and wanted to implant it in Valencia: he lives in
Clincia Mira+Cueto has opened his doors in Old Thorn 53 of Madrid. on initiative of the Dras. Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill. In her the most innovative and sure treatments are realized and an attention personalized according to every diagnosis is paid and in doctors' hands. Between the treatments they emphasize two novel technologies: the "Ultracavitación" a corporal modeling without surgery by means of ultrasounds and the "Soprano" the last one and more advanced version of hair-removal in laser.
The line “treatments kills luminous” of Clarins for mixed and greasy skins it is based especially on the esthetic and curative efficacy of the plants. There are 5 products destined to reduce the fat, to minimize the pores, and to tint and to smooth the skin The most out-standing active beginning and the crisina a cocktail of extracts of plants, but also other plants are present as you white, the lime tree, the gaulteria and the dead nettle etc.
July / ago 2007
FOR THE SUMMER... The style “Easy Going“
The summer demands a style of comfortable and natural hairstyle. Michel Meyer has created different versions for the half long hair giving tests of the versatility to which a cut can come technically perfectly. Meyer has explained the "cómos" to us and "porqués" of the style that “Easy Going“ has called
June, 2007
The sun is necessary for the life, but the skin cannot face his beams of form untimely and neglected without risking suffering the consequences: burns, cutaneous aging, appearance of tumors … More and more dermatologists raise the alarm voice and warn of the dangers that it bears a solar exhibition without protection.
April, 2007
For the spring 2007 GALLIC CARLOS has been inspired by the famous club of jazz “Cotton Club“ that opened his doors in New York in 1923 in full quarter of Harlem and turned into a frequented place not only for gangsters and rich businessmen but also for stars of the world of the dance, of the movies and the song.
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