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For: Bale Castile
Delices - Cartier
Tous Eau de Toilette
Insolence - Guerlain
Coconut Mademoiselle - Chanel
Charm - Victorio and Lucchino
Or Blue - Adolfo Dominguez
Glow - Jennifer Lopez
The Christmas holidays approach and a perfume turns into a surprise, a caprice, a festive exhuberancia, a touch of magic for a very exclusive Christmas present. It is true that every season has a type of aroma certain: the floral waters and the fruity colonies are own of the warm stations, while in winter the general tendency is praised by the very elaborated perfumes.
This is the case of Delices of Cartier, a bottle XXL Eau de Toilete, very original that perpetuates the vocation of the mark for the decorative objects. A bottle with 2,8 liters capacity, in a limited series of 300 copies, in that it is necessary to highlight the absolute elegance of the bottle - jeweler created to two hands between Cartier and the Glassware Saint Louis - that sign the delightful curves, the bevelings of this sphere covered by a crystal flower of Baccarat. The whole luxurious covering that wraps a floral-fruity fragrance that sparkles on the skin. Delices Cartier presents before himself also in two rechargeable pocket vaporizers. One, in version transparent color for the eau of toilette and version red color for the perfume.

Tous Perfumes has filled with good feelings and with a magnificent content his Christmas chests for the whole family. “Tous Touch Eau of toilette" vapo - 100 ml curling tongs, with golden box of bear and a 4 ml miniature, for mom. For the men of house, a "Tous Man Eau de Toilette", a moisturizing balsam and a miniature 50 ml Tous Man. A third version of these chests of gift is "Tous Eau of Toilette" Vap. 90 ml. A moisturizing emulsion and a miniature Tous EDT, 4,5 ml.

"Insolence" of Guerlain has been one year and, for celebarlo the signature proposes a limited and dazzling edition to us. It is a perfume that he amazes and admires. Although his silver garment, gleaming collection object for an Eau de Toilette that has filled with particles roses and one has iridesced of captivating reflexes.

COCONUT Mademoiselle - collection Cambón - created in 2001 for Checks Polge, reflects all the facets of the personality of Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel. Rebellious, impertinent, a sober elegance and an aroma of absolute seduction. For these Christmas holidays this Concréte de Parfum it appears before us in a collector's refined compact. In his interior, a perfume cremates, not greasy, softly like a silk textile. In contact with the skin, the cream melts leaving after itself a dusty sensation. Ideal for a few touches in the hollow of the elbow or the doll. 

The Perfum pour him Sac, is the height of the luxury. Lodged in a pearly case - jewel, the Pêrfum pour Sac it contains the most valued product in perfumery: the Extract. A fragrance High fashion that shuts up the quintessence of the most noble materials, like the Absolute one of Rose of May and the Absolute one of Iris. 

Victorio and Lucchino us they bewitch again with his last fragrance “Charm“ that contains all the elements of woman's extract. It is warm, with touches of cool of exit and a fund rich in wooden notes. The new fragrance expresses the elegant sophistication and this world of emotions that the Sevillian couturiers can print on all his creations. I "bewitch" a fresh floral fragrance Oriental Cyprus presents itself as a special gift for this Christmastime, in a case that he accompanies to the fragrance, a gel of bath and the moisturizing milk.

Coty Prestige throws to the market of the fragrances the whole series of sets of Christmas that contain the products stars of his certain marks: This way for example we find the case of Eternity Woman; CK One and CK Man, for him or she of Calvin Klein; EUPHORIA Men and COOl Water Davidoff Man or Woman accompanied by gels and body lotion. Without forgetting the fragrances of Jennifer López or of Jessica Parker. The whole fragrances world for him or for her that our Christmas gifts were facilitating to us.

Adolfo Dominguez a modality of the Spanish fashion, stamps his pledges and complements with the emblem of his corporate image. Translating this way the Logomanía in an elegant and contemporary image of showing his mark. For this Christmastime the fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez share the same tendencies of his fashionable collections and dress his Logomanía. Two new fragrances are “Or Blue Mujer”, with fruity chords, floral, very feminine, with a jasmine heart, iris of the vale and raspberry. In the case he accompanies to the fragrance a corporal milk and bath gel. “Or blue Man”, it represents the adventurous, very masculine spirit, strong wood of cashmere and pine balsam with raspberry. They accompany Eau de Toilette, an After Shave Emulsion and Gel of bath.
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