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Lewis Amarante
Gregorio Ros
Miguel Ángel Álvarez
The false eyelashes created by Max Factor in the year 1919, were adopted by all the prima donnas and celebrities of the moment and they have centred the attention of the makeup in many epochs. But at present there exists the possibility of obtaining the look “false eyelashes” of a simple and natural rapid way with the mask False Lash Effect. Three professional make-up artists of Max Factor discover to us some effects of this mask that is applied by a flexible brush capable of thickening in a spectacular way every eyelash.
This make-up artist shows us a makeup of intense eyes and red lips in combination with a shiny and luminous skin. A simple look and simultaneously bold:
- Black plans a line of khol to eyelashes evenness and in ascending sense, so that the line rises on the basin of the mobile eyelid and in the low part of the eye. Later blur it with a brush.
- It fixes the pencil using dark shade and a suitable brush. In this case it applies a black tone.
- With the index finger it applies and blurs the tone silver of the same duo. It is used in the superciliary arch.

It gives us his version of as applying the mask and combining it with other complementary products:
- The mobile eyelid darkens everything possible but without coming to the black.
- It blurs gently the low part of the eye (under the low eyelashes) down.
- It applies an eyeliner khol clearly inside the eye.
- It illuminates the lachrymal area with a shade in silver or whitish tone to give more light.
- It applies the mask from the birth of the eyelashes towards the top. It applies up to the way of the eyelash, do a movement in zigzag and continue until the end. This way you will insure yourself from that the product comes perfectly to every eyelash.

An intense look with color in combination with a very natural face and with pink tones chewing gum in cheeks and lips to balance the look is the proposal of Miguel Angel:
- the eyebrows must always be perfect. They must be depilated and brushed and, if it is necessary, emphasized by a little of color.
- Seguidamente applies the lower mask towards the top of the eyelashes, assuring this way a uniform and perfect application.
- Finally we frame the basin of the eye with an ultrathin line in the electrical blue tone of the eyeliner Colour Perfection. This way force happens to the look and color. He remembers to combine pink tones chewing gum in the cheeks and rose in the lips so that the look does not turn out to be too hard.
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