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Wonderful pieces of commercial jewelry shop and of high costume jewelry, gifts and all kinds of fashionable complements, hearth and trips, they have joined in Giftrends, big commercial event of Ifema, which includes three very related fairs: Intergift, Iberjoya and Bisutex. For reasons of space and of efficacy, they coincide with this edition with the International Lounge of Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), constituting this way the only event as for the fashion, accessories and complements.
Giftrends is already the big commercial event in the sectors of the Gift, the Jewelry shop and the Costume jewelry in our country, between the 4th to February 8 in Fair of Madrid. In his frame they interlace of simultaneous form the International Lounge of the Gift (Intergift); the International Lounge of the Costume jewelry and the Complements (Bisutex), and the International Lounge of Jewelry shop, Watchmaker's, Silver and Related Industries (Iberjoya)

As innovation, Intergift has extended his contents with the incorporation of the sectors of leather goods, trip and stationery, two spaces that have given entry to new companies and contents of perfect link to the ambience of the gift. In these sectors a big dynamism happens, between that the first manufacturers, distribution are, big international marks, importer and in general the companies with big presence on the market that mark the big international tendencies for the next months. Between the most representative we find Bellido, Dimar, Aspel and Delsey Spain, in the ambience of the leather goods, or Samsonite, Roncato or Gabol between the specializing ones in the travel goods. 

Thanks to these new incorporations, Intergift has agglutinated several specific sectors: integral decoration; complements for the hearth; chinas, glassware, silverware and furniture in general; gadges and toys; fashionable lines to dress the bed, the table, the bath; baggage and travel goods; purses, belts and small leather goods; articles about writing, school material, notebooks, agendas, etc. 

Big purses full of coloring
The collections of leather goods and travel goods about this edition speak of a spring marked by the innovation, the quality, the big dimensions and sophisticated tones and much sugerentes. The purses appear as the big protagonists, especially those of exaggerated sizes, with fluid, very flexible forms, dominated by the curved lines. Other one of the big stars is the rucksack, reinvented to be able to take it with suits, garments and all kinds of formal pledges or of sport

The material protagonists are the skins tanned until a few light textures achieve, with very little weight and so ductile that sometimes they seem textiles. Along with them, technological materials and metallic applications. The handles, especially turn, to take the purse close to the body, together with bigger others to cross it on the breast. As for the colors, although there are supported the brown, beige and black outstanding figures, one experiments with more bold tones, like cherry, red intense, blue and the whole scale of pastries and covered with dust. The design reaches his maximum expression in the care of the details. So important it is the purse on the outside how inside: pockets of different sizes to take everything in his place; special harnessings for the keys, even with light to be able to open the doors more easily; entertaining and sophisticated linings, in an endless number of colors and patterns … 

Other one of the big tendencies that triumphs there are the models for man. There are already no so much small purses and of straight lines, crossed on the breast, but the marked ones by a few more stylized forms, with multitude of pockets and of big size. Also the importance of the complements is consolidated for the work, especially thought to transport the portable one, the documents and, even, everything necessary for a short business trip. 

Clocks of Hannibal Laguna y Bertín Osborne 

has assembled the most top signatures of the sector so innovative and evolved like that of the costume jewelry, which has managed to be done by a hollow emphasized in the universe of the fashion. Between them the last innovations in necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, brooches and an extensive collection of complements like sunglasses, handkerchiefs, clocks of fantasy, hats, adornments for the hair, etc. 

The costume jewelry pieces are of big volumes, silver combined with skin, bonds, millings, rustic coral, semiprecious stones or volcanic stones, between other materials, as well as fantasy clocks with proposals much dared so much in thongs as in spheres. 

As for Iberjoya, the luxury and the exclusivity of the precious stones, the most valuable metals and the design of the best marks have turned into his biggest attraction. An offer in which they have come together from exclusive pieces of high jewelry shop, watchmaker's and silver, as in design and fashion, along with numerous collections faced to the big consumption. 

Hannibal Laguna has been praised by the high watchmaker's of the hand of Group AYSERCO, the first manufacturer and distributor of clocks on the Spanish market. There are clocks of big size, with boxes of avant-garde features, spheres replete with solutions, and intense tonalities proceeding from the High fashion, and bevels marked with the stamps HL by Hannibal Laguna. The materials used in the boxes of these new clocks go from the steel up to the polycarbonate, while the thongs bet for the galuchat, the blanket skin borders, entirely currently in the high watchmaker's, and the technical textiles. They are both for men and for women, and his final prices range between 75 and 300 euros.

Also Bertín Osborne, well-known presenter and singer, has chosen the Iberjoya frame for his first special clocks collections Bull Watch with his signature of in the later lid. Of classic and elegant size, gold, stainless steel are used with marine specifications, leather of Ubrique treated about handmade form, or antiallergic rubber. The prices of these clocks, for man and woman, place between 99 and 199 euros.
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