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For: Javier Raffa, Nuria Bresó and Nuria Cunillera
Seïko Taki
Miriam Ponsa
Andrea Llosa
Zazo and Brull
Seïko Taki
The footbridge 080 Barcelona Fashion has celebrated his third edition. For three days, we could have appreciated the work of young talents in the Italian Pavilion of the Fira, turned into a big transparent hothouse with temperatures of more than 20 grades. 080 Barcelona has been born with the posicionarse intention internationally like a platform independent from design and avant-garde that promotes the work of emergent designers.
A prestigious and multicultural jury was in charge of selecting 22 participants, 11 of international them. This year, for the first time, granted itself the Award to the Best Collection provided with 20.000 Euros. that relapsed into the Japanese designer Seiko Taki. In turn, the designers granted the Award to the Best Model to Sheila Marquez. The contest was provided with a numerous staff of international models between them: Godeliv, Jon Kortajarena and Miranda Kerr who dressed in Miriam Ponsa, inaugurated the present edition.

They stood out in the footbridge for his trajectory Cecilia Sörensen, The Thin Buil, Gori of Palm, Miriam Ponsa and Txell Miras. Andrea Llosa, Bambi by Laura and Manuel Bolaño settle like promise. Of the international plane it is necessary to mention Materialbyproduct, Seïko Taki and J Smith Esquire. 


The Catalan designer Miriam Ponsa was the manager of 080 inaugurated the footbridge Barcelona Fashion with the collection Creasilk, hard been inspired by the feelings lived during the industrial revolution, but that so well fit in the current economic conjuncture. 

His collection prêt to porter was marked by urban designs that transported us to a world of minimalism and neutrality, where the garments were standing out for his simplicity. Projections of transparent drops accompanied the models during the parade, which they were combining to the perfection with the rationality of the setting of the footbridge. 

Black jet, gray and green in his darkest tonalities and pants of high size with big tweezers the colors have been protagonists in the collection, in which there were not missing pledges done with latex, a material with which the designer of Manresa (Barcelona) already experienced in the past spring sample summer 2009. 

Creasilk is a collection with a wide materials crossbreeding. Jackets and belts of aged leather, woolen pants Prince of Wales and of high size in tweezers and superpositions in garments multicolored knit, like that dressed the Australian model Miranda Kerr, fiancée of the acquaintance actor Orlando Bloom, who was the manager of there closed the parade and the big protagonist of the morning of the first day 


The designs of Andrea Llosa for the autumn - winter 2010 are thought for a warlike woman who fights before the adversity. And the fact is that his collection is inspired in the warriors Mayan and in the belief of these from which in the year 2012 the end of the world will come. Hence the name of the collection “2012“ and the numerous metallic wall lights in the shape of armor. 

During the parade, the designer tried to move the spectators to the ancient Mayan empire across sounds and tribal canticles and a scenery based on the forest vegetation. One to one, the warriors paraded before our eyes showing pledges of wool and cotton with forms and volumes that were resembling the ancient medieval armors. In turn, the wide belts and the big purses in the shape of shield were clearly inspired in the warlike uniforms of the ancient warriors Mayan. 

The fact that the designer is a Peruvian it has a lot to do with all these cultural reminiscences. The same happens with the textiles election, I bring in those that the role of the wool emphasizes. It is a question of a very present textile in the regional garments of Peru, especially the one that comes from the flames; so much it is so some of the presented models were showing fringe and wall lights of hair of flame. 

Andrea Llosa has used the chromatic scales most typical of the mother ground as that of the browns and that of the blue ones. And the fact is that the prediction that inspires this collection predicts the destruction of the materialism for v to an age in which the human being and the nature will live in harmony. 

With the collection “2012“ Andrea Llosa does a parallelism between the warriors who will fight to survive at the end of the world and the women who fight every day to survive in a more and more encompassed and competitive society.  
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