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For: Maria Gatón
Alberta Ferreti
Alessandro dell’ Acqua
Emilio Pucci
Center Armani
Jil Sander
Salvador Ferragamo
An intense week, that of the most important second fashionable footbridge of the world after Paris. We have seen again the Italian genius and the mastery in the making of his collections in all the creators. A singing to the perfection. Brave Milan!
Alberta Ferreti is praised by the blue, green and gray tones in chiffons and velvets. Superposed overcoats, with symmetries desestructuradas. The petite steals to nongo he acquires new proportions and forms, from necklines “word of honor” to forms covered for the work. Extraordinary and exact night black garments with pailletes. Clarity and coherence in a collection full of good creations.

Alessandro dell’ Acqua presents forms type Balenciaga, Levites and evasés in tones camel and blue lead, with exact forms and with superpositions. Cloths worked with an air of high fashion, very much black in day garments and in the night, spectacular shoes with bracelet and heels, and colors averages in contrast with the black. An original and creative collection.

Blumarine presents a very spring collection with roses, mallows, salmon and lilacs in dressed drapers evasés in silk and angora, with thousand unequal forms. The counterpoint, the wide black pants combined with different white shirts, belts and superpositions, skins applied for the overcoat and gasas with leopard patterns for the night. Dressed in cocktail in rose and salmon.

Dolce and Gabbana bets for the Scot highlander in different versions and small original and different details, giving a new air with buckles and different forms and lengths. Innovative and romantic pledges in the Scotch textile, from shirts, skirts, garments and pants with an entire treatment of the style. Brown tones, ocres and blue combined with creativity.

Emilio Pucci plays with the tones yellow pastries and roses in the typical patterns Pucci, of style kaleidoscopic. Innovation in the suits and in new accessories of this mark with booties and purses that have a new leading role. Skins and night overcoats for a more glamorous touch.

Center Armani is praised by the absolute leading role of the gray and the black and by the geometric patterns in silk blouses with a light color touch. Garments of cocktail blacks in the most varied forms.

Etro plays with the salmon and black, ocher and black, gray and black, and raw and black, in very different cuts adapted to the feminine form. Embossed skirts and shorts, in that Etro goes out of his only bet for the typical patterns of the house to enter other different features in skirts and suits.

Fendi presents black, white and gray colors, wide belts in all his creations in the most varied colors giving a hyperfeminine air. Special coherence to all the accessories, from purses to booties. Huntresses aviator with new versions and superpositions in skin and pens for the night giving a new originality.

Gianfranco Ferre presents posthumous collection after the death of the creator. A coherent collection with the line of Ferre, with insistence in the unequal and asymmetric forms. Dark tones of the pledges combined with averages and details in target.

Gucci presents a collection with influence American indies - tejana with a pattern years 70 with entire preeminence of the gray and ocher amarronado. Very elaborated forms and superpositions in all the creations. There increases the value of the textiles and purses and belts play a preeminent role.

Jil Sander presents collection with gray and black, mottled, elaborate, austere and geometric forms. It attracted attention of us his exact boots - averages.

Just Cavalli is praised by the asymmetric forms in brown tones, salmon and pastries. Patterns sugerentes in silks, with big necks.

Max Mara shows a collection in jerséis, reefers and overcoats and skins in the most diverse forms and changes. The tone covers with stars, the gray ones

Missoni plays with gray patterns, ocres, blue and turquoises in textiles cashmere. Sumptuous booties and stones incrustations in the complements.

Prada presents to us an original collection, which absolute protagonist is the lace vintage, in the most varied forms prevailing the black with funds of different colors, giving one new air to this textile sometimes so badly presented. It dares to combine skirts, suits and purses in thick and thin laces with finished very elaborated.

Salvador Ferragamo presents a collection in white, black and gray. Overcoats and very original reefers combined with free pants of sateen. Very sophisticated night garments.

Versace gives a big leading role to the complements, especially to the shoes with platform in different colors. Night suits with bodies drapeados and evasé in sateen with varied coloring. Gray and black for the day, with a color touch in the complements.

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