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Hairdressing salon Carlos Gálico
Hairdressing salon Carlos Gálico
Hairdressing salon Carlos Gálico
Hairdressing salon Carlos Gálico
The revival of the fashion towards images of the 40s and 50s has put in the first plane the long hairs with form in the style of the big stars of Hollywood of the epoch, gaining the game to the faded hairs. GALLIC CARLOS claims this tendency of a very personal way converting his collection spring - summer 2008 into an authentic allegory to the waves in all his versions.
Ideal for average and long long hairs, with the smoothest roots and the half worn out tops in closed wave. Region of average thickness is realized with tenacilla, working thick tufts, from half of the long hair. After nuclear, one brushes gently with comb of thick spikes, with a touch of soft fixation the roots to create the contrast.

Taken to the stardom for Rita Hayworth the wave to the water has always collaborated a mysterious and exotic woman with big glamor doses. It is a hairstyle adapted for average long hairs.
To achieve a completely pronounced wave, how the tendency is in charge, a fixation product is applied before marking it since, in addition to protecting the hair of the high temperatures of the iron, it does the most durable hairstyle. There is used an iron of approximately 3 cm. to be marking the tufts in horizontal sense. As soon as the whole surface of the hair was waved it combs gently with a thin comb not to spoil the wave. Slightly more of sophistication still fits! It can be obtained by a final spray touch with sheen.

It is the wave with more movement of all his versions. Much adapted for courts with a very definite length, paraded very pronounced and short or long bangs. The roots are smooth, the wavy intervals and the tops again in smooth.
Also for this version it is necessary to use the iron of small ceramics to create a fan effect. It is used as tenacilla or curling tongs supporting the very straight tops. There is obtained this way a broken wave, which later one can texturizar with a liquid wax or a soft gel to obtain a more urban effect.

Much adapted for the a little anarchic characters that sign up to one of the tendencies of the “dishevelled hair” also prevailing. Every tuft goes to his air and there are inserted waves open and more closed that print a sensation of studied disorder and an effect of more forceful volume.
The key to obtain these waves is to use the tongs of random form and trying to insert wavy tufts, from the root to the top with others in which the tenacilla only comes by half and tops. The direction plays also an important role: whenever the tenacilla passes for the hair it is necessary to change the direction of the draft.

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