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For: Mercedes Álvarez
Poster Exhibition
Giorgio Armani
Spectacular the Exhibition on the Fashion in the superheroes' cómic that has been inaugurated in Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York. Costume Institute of Metropolitan Museum has organized it and it will be opened for the public until September 1. Giorgio Armani has contributed to the organization of the Sample.
Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy gathers the whole symbolism materialized in the outfits of superheroes as emblematic as Superman, Catwoman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Iron Man, Captain América, Spiderman, etc. much joined with the skills of each one, there appear 60 garments used in movies of Hollywood, like the meshes of Spiderman, the layer of Batman or the outfit in red and Superman blue. Along with them, there are exhibited the models of more avant-garde high fashion and the technical outfits, to the purest style streetwear, realized by creators like Armani, Thierry Mugler or Jean-Paul Gaultier inspired by this world.

From the first Superman appearance in 1938, the superheroes have exercised a strong influence in the imagination of the readership, being his adventures the reflex of its own hopes and desires. Till not long ago, the world of the superheroes was considered to be low and frivolous and, nevertheless, it has been a reflex of the political and social reality, and used to materialize concepts relative to the ideal of the perfect human body and to the sexual differentiation as prototype.

The pledges are assembled perfectly with the superhuman powers, up to the point of which there are the clothings those that seem to propitiate these powers and transmute the character of which the ride, beyond the limitations of the current human being.

Constantly retouched and transformed according to the canon of beauty of the moment, the superheroes represent in his body and in his robes, like extension of himself, everything superlative. The clothes that they take not only show the transformation of the citizen in superhero, but it illustrates the type of power and the moral character of each one and his qualities.

Line cómic: For the designers it has been the whole challenge to assemble models with the proper characteristics of the superhero's outfits. Between the exposed pieces, there are pledges of Pierre Cardin, Muller, John Galliano, Thierry Mugler, Dolce and Gabbana, Nike, Moschino, etc. There exhibit jackets of inflatable pink vinyl, monkeys Superman, bustiers, leggins cash, aerodynamic cases, like the second skin, full of symbolisms as the patterns of bars and stars of the patriotic superheroes, the S of Superman or the reticulated drawings of Spiderman.

The Exhibition sums up in the bras fitted to the body, volatile layers, falditas pleated, monkeys with hood, accessories in leather, like articulated belts or caps helmet. The textiles are light and metallic, of tones lit like the scarlet cloth and the yellow one mixed with black. In the patterns there repeat themselves the reticulated ones, the angular graphic symbol and the iconography of reptiles. Quite, scantly ponible, but very visual.

The Exhibition gathers in a picture book quite this symbolism and metaphors that unite the fashion and the superheroes, that Internet route can be acquired also.

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