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For: Bale Castile
Kim Basinger / Lancaster
Stoppage System
The cold, the winter air and the heating dehydrate very much the skin. To fight them it uses a moisturizer greasier than in summer. It is important that you hydrate your skin with more frequency and do not stop including in your daily rite of beauty, a night cream and other one for the eyes outline.
For all the skins in general, but especially for the sensitive ones and that tend to the dryness, the hydration is basic, as there it are also the vitamins and minerals that contribute nutrients. It is convenient to choose for greasy textures that promote the effect barrier of the skin and support the cohesion of the cells of the hornlike layer.

What must you do?
- do not forget desmaquillarte in the night and to calm your skin with a conditioning tonic. To alternate days you can apply a tranquilizing mask and descongestiva that contains moisturizing ingredients that help to support the balance hidrolipídico of his skin.

- it uses the make-up remover as if it was a beauty treatment. He tries that the milk cleaner contains lípidos to support the protective movie of the skin. The tonic must not contain anything of alcohol because he is the causer of the descompensación of the cloak hidrolipídico.

- it takes care of your skin with more gentleness than during the rest of the year, avoiding the too aggressive or frequent exfoliations.


DECLEOR, is a signature based on the aromaterapia and on the essential oils that provide to the skin health and protection from the external agents. After four years of investigation DECLEOR it throws a new scale: "Aromessence Excellence” fights the absence of steadfastness and diminishes the spots.

STOPPAGE SYSTEM and his last product “labial Elegant BIO“, it uses the cinnamon, stimulant of the circulation, and the orange rich in vitamin C, to nourish, to hydrate and to repair the lips, contributing a pearly sheen and a nice color bronze.

LANCASTER presents to us four treatments “Differenty Intensive Cure” a forward position programmes of specific treatments for these moments in which the skin needs extra help of daily support. A few specific products for the treatment of the mature skin.

BOURJOIS and his “Gloss Effet 4D” offers us a few lips ultra gleaming in 4 dimensions. More I shine, more volume, brilliant multi-reflexes. The texture is fluid and light and it highlights the volume of the lips.

GALENIC has created the cellular micronutrition, the only selection of essential micronutrients 100 % natural, capable of contributing to the skin the vital energy that he needs every day. NECTALYS illuminates the weary skins, hydrates and protects against the free radicals.
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