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The sun is necessary for the life, but the skin cannot face his beams of form untimely and neglected without risking suffering the consequences: burns, cutaneous aging, appearance of tumors … More and more dermatologists raise the alarm voice and warn of the dangers that it bears a solar exhibition without protection.
Are you a risk person opposite to the leather cancer? This is the question that the taking part dermatologists to the “VIII National Day of Precocious Diagnosis of Melanoma”, have answered in a special Day organized by the Spanish Academy of Dermatology and Venereología and sponsored by Dermatologic Laboratories Avéne, The Campaign Euromelanoma interests especially in spreading the primary prevention of the melanoma across a series of basic care:

- During the summer period, to try to be to the shade from 12 a.m. until 17 o'clock h.

- To be always applied cremates protection factor 15 or more high place, to extend 20 minutes before being to the sun, applying it again every 2-3 hours and after sweating very much or bathing.

- To protect the head, the body and the eyes, with caps, T-shirts and sunglasses A the children, also, protect them with a dry and opaque T-shirt. A wet T-shirt allows to spend the beams UV.

- Tanned with beams GRAPE also can injure the skin.

- Do not forget that it can be burned realizing any outdoor activity: mounting in bicycle, walking on foot or horse, practising gardening, etc.

- Drink water in abundance and often. The sun dehydrates our organism. Watch especially the biggest persons whose thirst sensation is attenuated and the children, whose water need is important and his centers of termorregulación are still immature.

- If he warns that a freckle or a spot changes form, size or color consults a dermatologist.

The self-tanning lotions a solution more and more used for the persons who want to have a golden leather color without sunbathing. His application is easier and easier and effective.

How do the self-tanning lotions work?
The effect of autotanned without the resultant sun of using products self-tanning lotions is due to the fact that certain ingredients are activated and provoke a natural reaction with the proteins of the top layers of the skin.Por this reason there are temporary effects, since the external layer of the skin is becoming detached and regenerating continuously. The color one will begin developing only 30 minutes later of having applied it to him, and it will continue for some hours more until his skin should acquire a golden tone.

Are these products sure?
Absolutely sure.Los active ingredients have been proved in an exhaustive way to guarantee his safety and to react self-tanning lotion only with the top layer of the skin.

Does the self-tanning lotion protect us from the solar beams?
No, and it does not protect of possible solar burns. Filters will need to be applied for it.

Why do the self-tanning lotions leave spots on the clothes?
Because because of the active ingredients that contain all the products self-tanning lotions not only they react to the contact with the skin, but also with the cloths. For this reason, it is important to wait a little before dressing itself after applying it to him. The waiting time changes according to the format of the elected product. For example, the effects of Piz Buin Self Tan last up to seven days. Nevertheless, since the active agents autobroceadores react in the top layer of the skin, and this one becomes detached regularly and in a natural way to be regenerated, it is advisable that the product is applied every 3 or 4 days, after the corresponding exfoliation, to assure a result of bronze-colored uniformly and healthy.

Lancaster: To have a skin of young aspect “sun beauty care” a solar protection is a moisturizing antiageing for the face and neckline in different textures and with different actors of protection.

Sensai Silky Bronze: a solar line of Kanebo that comes renewed, with extra cost in his new formulation galénica, introduces his texture and his application is more practical and effective. Protective treatments repairers and self-tanning lotions to support the protected skin.

Drain: moisturizing self-tanning lotion that it provides in only an hour of the sun, a nice uniform color. It is particularly adapted to the sensitive skins. Light, not fat, calmness hydrates and refreshes. Photoprotector does not contain this product. This self-tanning lotion is part of the new solar scale DRAIN the best protection UVB-UVA for sensitive skins.

Klorane: solar scale for children. The new solar scale Alta Protección and Alta Tolerancia Klorane children contains a photoprotective complex with protection index developed by the investigation Pierre Fabre. The association of mineral screens with chemical and organic filters, guarantees a maximum tolerance for the fragile skin of the children. Solar milk very high protection SPF 50 and solar Spray high protection SPF 40 are the products it covers with stars.

Schwarzkopf, Bonacure Sun
: it has a very suggestive motto: "amuse under the sun”. The sea and the solar beams can affect negatively the health of the hair. To protect Bonacure Bonacure he invites you to his Shampoo line for Hair and Body (it calms the annoyed scalp, exposed to the sun, the sea and the swimming pool), re-hydrates and refreshes... Solar Serum, protective, not greasy oil, which provides sheen and re-hydrates and a remoisturizing treatment alter sun, which repairs and hydrates the hair in his internal structure.

Clarins: it offers us the perfect self-tanning lotion for the face, of a texture type gel fresh and melting, not greasy, that applies himself with big facility. “Gellé Edict-Bronzante Hydratante”, special face, provides in less than two hours a very natural, luminous, uniform and lasting bronze-colored tone.
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