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For: Julia Sáez-Angulo
Carlos Berges
Dressed in the Romanticism
Donation Duchess of Dawn
It is a question of an exhibition that has stirred the big society up, at the time that to a numerous public, who wanted to see closely 35 exposed wedding dresses, belonging, between others, to the duchess of Dawn, duchess of White Carter; mayte Spínola, lady of Barreiros; Marita March... The sample, titled “Women of target”, includes the design of the XIXth, XXth and XXIst centuries and presents before itself in the Museum of the Suit of Madrid until next February 24, your Police stations: the assistant director of the said museum, Carmen Pérez of Andrés and the Conservative of the museum, Concha Herranz.
Andrés Carretero, the director of the Museum of the Suit, was proving to be satisfied by the interest caused by the sample, at the time that he was recognizing the merit of the donors to deliver his wedding finery to the institution. Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart was looking with nostalgia at the garment which he married in 1947, the purest style “new look” thrown by the French house Dior and designed by the missing person Flora Villareal, the same designer of the garment in sateen of mayte Spínola of Barreiros

The most spectacular is undoubtedly that of Marita March Cencillo, married in 1970 designed by Valentino and placed recluse in a haughty angle of the explanatory space. Fantastic also the garment realized by Pertegaz for Mercedes Martín-Artajo, duchess of White Carter. Pertegaz is the only one that breaks the tone monocorde of the target on having incorporated the pink fortress in a body of gros of Naples in the 80.

Original the garment designed by Carlos Berges for his niece Eva, with a sculptural silhouette in which two hollow falls stand out. The designer, present in the opening, has been a big donor of pieces of illustrious clients, between them another wedding dress of Maria Andrade. The princess Nora de Lichtentein also had donated his suit designed by Chus Baldasúa in 1988.

Also there are models of Pedro Rodríguez, sober and geometric and a short suit of Balenciaga designed by Maria Fernanda Thomas of Carranza, married the painter Pepe Caballero, friend of the big designer of Guetaria and gift of the proper Balenciaga to the fiancée. Also, Vargas Ochagavía, Elio Berhnayer, Lorenzo Caprile...

The ancient proprietors of the suits were posing along with them for the photographers in a rejoicing of happy moments and nostalgias. The most ancient model was of 1815 and the most recent of 2002 belonging to the designer Teresa Palazuelo. Along with them an interesting video where the suits appear contextualizados by his invitations, complements, etc. The papers have been a task of Concha García Hoz. There we can see works of the designer riojana Porfy Orte and Peseta Gotor.

The suits of the fiancée of the XIXth receive fundamentally to the line empire. The princesses and queens have marked often the style and the taste. Today echo of it is done the social magazines, especially "Hello", that mark tendencies.

In sum a holiday where popular faces were not missing and of the culture like Cover Ruiz de Ayllón, Manuel Picó, Marina Chinchilla, Helen Hernández, Esther Jodar, Concha Hornero... The daughter of Flora Villarreal, almost of eighty years, came to contemplate the garment of his mother, the big designer of beginning of the XXth in Madrid, “silent and discreet because he always refused to go out in press”.

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