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The new coloring of the makeup debates between two extreme positions between which intermediate formulae can be chosen. We have seen them in the last footbridges like one more sample of the intimate relation that exists between fashion and makeup and the joint inspiration that joins designers and make-up artists. On the one hand there is the tendency that it praises for look deep with effect "smokey" that dyes the black's eyelid and for other one the one that is praised by the tones "nude" and an extreme paleness.
In accordance with these basic norms the make-up artists of the cosmetic signatures provide his personal version for the makeups autumn - winter.

The inspiration Nude is the chosen one by Thibault Vabre, artistic director of Makeup Clarins, who explains it this way: "The golden rule of Nude is simple. The complexion wrapped in beige transparences turns out to be natural. The lips have a delicately pink tone and the eyelids make tone up on tone. The result - a sublime natural face - answers to the need for well-being and for simplicity of the women who choose to respect his naturalness”.

To obtain this look, Clarins proposes a beiges game with rainbow-colored golden reflexes that provide a luminous look, dust in pale beige and the tones coral irisiado and brown for the rouge that heightens the cheekbones. His eyebrows kit is in chestnut-colored or fair-haired black to draw them or to unify them, 3 tones that can be applied alone or mixed to obtain the wished color.

throws his collection Venice in memory of the passion that Cocó was feeling for this city. 

For the eyes he proposes “High Acque” in two refined tones: silver gray and dark soft gray. They are used alone or combined. It can fade away to superpose or to degrade according to the tastes. There complement each other with the shades Murano in 4 shiny tones:verde greyish, rose, black and turquoise.

For the lips 6 new tones that go from the red siena to the absolute beige. This autumn the lips are delimited by a line of pencil “Praline d'Or” lightly brilliant and in prefecta harmony with the bars. 

For the complexion a silky blush of tone apricot that heightens the cheekbones and a perfection touch with the very light dust of the same tone that provide to the face a china transparence. “Tisssages Chanel” presents this winter to themselves in tones ocres typically Venetian.

The team of the signature L'Oreal has created 4 tendencies in tuning with the collections of the Footbridge Cibeles:

Cabaret with a few smoked eyes and a style completely years 20. A shades duo with reflexes of long duration and a mask of eyelashes they complete the look.

Blue Moon with tonalities of shades who adapt themselves to the color of the eyes. Brilliant lips thanks to the first bar of lips that introduces real jelly in his formula. 

Baby Doll a fund of makeup that there gives to the skin a finished native and eyes much outlined with light touches of color in the cheeks. 

From Russia with Love a base "nude" velvety. Movies eyelashes applying several thin layers of the root to the top. Lips much hydrated before applying the color that inclines for the red intense one.
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