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For: Bale Castile
In this autumn and, every period, the makeup dictates its own norms and turns into an ally of the seduction. Change winds come and to the tones roses and pastries of last summer happen to him metallic tones with preference the gold and other darker tones to obtain a look of Gothic effects that rhymes with the new fashion of dressing.
This is the first collection of makeup of Dick Page for SHISEIDO who presents a sophisticated and elegant woman where they predominate over the contrasts of lights and shades. This period has you prop, like principal innovation Perfect Smoothing compact Foundation, a fund of makeup that thanks to his coverage is founded with the skin obtaining a natural appearance during the whole day. 

The collection of makeup of CHANEL for this autumn is a creation of Peter Philips, new dierector of “Creation of Makeup of Chanel” that has been inspired by the apartment of Mademoiselle de la Rue Cambon and by his chromatic universe to create a collection centred on the gold. With “Facettes D'Or“ and “Gold Fever“ - tells Philips - we verify that all the combinations are possible. Every color has been thought to work in harmony with the others. With these two exclusive creations, the gilding is imposed like autumn protagonist.

The Collection Vintage of BOURJOIS is the whole outstanding figure who might not be conceived without mythical “Petites Boîtes Rondes,“ that they are always in full form. Created like real fashionable accessories, these kidlings armonías are timeless and charming. The collection Vintage is composed of 5 shades of eyes and 3 rouges. A blow retro that re-interprets the sets stars of the 20s and 30s. 

Bourjois proposes also “Nine magnificent ones” to us the whole accessories collection for those women that they would like extracting the maximum divided to his makeup but without having to appeal a professional make-up artist. To teach the are art of the makeup is what Bourjois tries with his new accessories collection: Esponjitas to apply the makeup fund quickly and guaranteeing a finished perfect one - The sponge of egg-shaped latex for an easy and homogeneous application. It is possible to wash and to re-use. The lime 6 steps, for a few always perfect fingernails. Lima of glass, of rough surface and finished microthin that gives the form wished the fingernails. Compact sharpener of special design so that the pencils support his precision. Triple brush for eyebrows and eyelashes. Brush beveled for shades. Brush Ombreur, special to apply the eyes shade in the mobile eyelid and Brush Difuminador.con his hair of thin, short and compact marat, to blur shades of a precise and easy way. 

Look 31+12 of Bourjois” it is a complement for which it is necessary to bet. The gold announces his big return to the makeups and this signature dares even to associate it with the spangles and the silver for a result amazing of pearly lights. It is an advance of the Christmas holidays.
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