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Three are the challenges that the perfect diet must chase for after the holidays: to favor the elimination of the kilos of more, product of the summer "rest", to help us to support the favoring bronze-colored tone of the skin and fight the photo-aging product of the biggest solar exhibition. Doctors Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill, specialists of esthetic medicine, offer us his advices and an appropriate diet.
The first step is to know which are the food that in addition to being high places in nutrients and low in calories they favor the effect anti-aging

They fulfill these conditions: 1st Milk skimmed and derivatives, 2nd integral Cereals and vegetables, 3rd Fruits and fresh vegetables, 4th lean Meats, 5th white and blue Fish, 6th green and white Tea. Adding to these ingredients a series of nutritional complements rich in slimming substances as wheat germ, yeast of beer, fucus seaweed and soya and promoting the contribution of food rich in vitamin A to stimulate and to promote tanned like the carrot, the handle, the parsley and the apricots, there is covered 100 % of the recommended daily quantities of the most powerful antirust substances with the minimal caloric contribution.

As general warnings it is convenient to cook with olive oil, not to accompany the meals on bread, and always to introduce parsley and tomato in the salads.

- Option To: 
You white without sugar, a skimmed yogurt, a juice of grapefruit with a teaspoonful of yeast of beer and other one of flakes of wheat germ, an apricot. 
- Option B:
White coffee skimmed without sugar, two tablets of yeast of beer and wheat germ, 4 integral cookies and a kiwi ó an apricot.

It comes up tomorrow
- Option To: 
5 strawberries or half handle, green tea, and a brown rice pancake without sugar. 
- Option B:
Black coffee without sugar and one trumpets of integral cereals without sugar.

(30 minutes before the meal to take a seaweed tablet fucus with a water glass)
- The first plate: 
Vegetables or vegetables to the stove, grilled or to the steam
- Main course: 
To choose between lentils cooked with vegetables, brown rice with home-made tomato sauce, grilled blue fish or to the stove with garrison of vegetables, lean pork (veal, chicken or turkey) with vegetable garrison, integral pasta in salad or with home-made tomato sauce.
- Dessert: 
Green or white tea without sugar.

To choose between a batter of soya, a skimmed yogurt ó half a handle.

- The first plate: 
To choose between mixed salad (with tomato and carrot), cold vegetable soup without bread, soup julienne ó purée of vegetables that includes tomato, carrot and onion.
- Main course: After 150 chooses between grilled white fish, egg in French omelette, spent by water or five-peseta coin, gm. of lean and lean sausage (ham of york or turkey)
- Dessert:
 A skimmed yogurt or a glass of milk skimmed without sugar.

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