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Under the name of BIT GENERATION Carlos Gálico has included three concepts that preside at the tendencies of the hairstyles for this period: "B" of "beauty" of beauty, of being nice, inside and on the outside; “I“ of "inteligent" of being able to move to obtain with intelligence the targets that are proposed;
and "T" of Trendy of knowing and in constant contact with the last orientations of the fashion and the makeup.

The look BIT gives us the key of what there will be the keys of the hairstyles for this winter thought for an anxious and very feminine woman

Hairs lightly shorter than in previous periods. Long hairs marked by a refined and modern tone. Simple Spanish Parliament and bangs very straight and definite where the color receives all the leading role.

For that they prefer the longest hair another court proposal with the worn out tops outside with very faded bangs, with asymmetric cuts and extracted very reduced napes of the "hits" of the 80s.

The third proposal is the most sophisticated. The hair desestructura and one comes to the quiet one creating a contemporary version with a clear inspiration of the big American stars of the golden age of the movies.

Every tendency marks his forms. Definite long hairs and strict tufts where the textures turn into protagonists. Disconnected lengths and forms rounded for the first proposal.

Rebellious long hairs and in movement worked to the millimeter with brush and dryer and, in some cases with tenacilla. Very curled or very smooth surfaces in contrast with the bangs, always straight and smooth. The products of the "stiling" as waxes, pâtés and lacquers are used in finished of the tops and like support to obtain and to support the hairstyle.

Quiet high places, top low, carded buns. Gathered retro and much marked cone invisible pitchforks or with big hairdos: diadems, bands, skullcaps, flowers bonds of level or glazing Swarovski. Ancient elements in the most current versions.

The hairs are allied by the color contrasts to reflect better the light. In the first proposal the thick wicks and the tufts bitone stand out on a base lightly clearer. The dark tones are the most radical option .

Colors with certain touch of affectation and fantasy. They emphasize the tricoloración with soft tones that contribute uniformity to the color or the monochrome ones, especially in the scale of the clear and golden chestnut-trees.

Naturalness, light and movement are the keys of the third proposal. More discreet reflexes melting in the fund or being born close to the tops to contribute more relief and a sheen extra one.
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