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For: Montserrat Bros
Jesus del Pozo
Christian Lacroix
Jesus Peiro
Pepe Bottle
Rosa Clará
Can the fiancée's garment be reinvented? It seems difficult that, year after year, it is possible to give form to a new collection bearing in mind the peculiarities of a wedding suit. Nevertheless, the constant ideas in boiling of the creative ones have no barriers as it demonstrated Gaudí Novias directed to the fiancées 2009. The teatralidad of Victorio and Lucchino was contrasting with the abstinence of Jesus del Pozo and the futurist suits of Devotee and Lomba with the inspiration grecorromana of Rosa Clará, but they all shared a common denominator: a fiancée plethoric and full of fantasy
Since she begins being habitual Rosa Clará he was in charge of inaugurating the footbridge. The Catalan designer got soaked in the past to write the wedding present in fashionable terms. Garments that were leaking to the imperial Japan with the characteristic Japanese obi - the waist of the Geishas - were alternated by the size grecorromano and the style complements josefino.

He was followed by Christian Lacroix, whose wedding line sells Clará in his establishments. The couturier did boasting, in his début of Barcelona, of the folkloric Spanish estheticism and of nineteenth-century French, which so much characterizes him. In his garments there were shining the incrustations of crystal, the jewels, the rich laces chantilly, the tulle of silk and the gauze treated with pleating soleil.

In the antipodes of the excesses of Lacroix there was the abstinence of Jesus del Pozo, which in this occasion was not so accented. Nevertheless, he bet again for the superposition and the organza - mark of the house - and stained the unpolluted target with details in ocher.

The Sevillian Vitorio and Lucchino put the theatrical note. This tandem of the design covered the footbridge with a blue sky replete with cirri and heaps, on which the models were sliding with faces covered with dust in target and wings in the hair emulating the etereidad of the celestial creatures.

Antonio Miró paraded for the first time his wedding collection for man, who commercializes successfully for one year. "The key is in that the vests, jackets and pants are descoordinados as for color", said the Catalan couturier who has realized four lines in garnet, gray - black, blue and gilding.

For his part, Pepe Botella realized his particular homage to big prima donnas of the song with the collection "Love songs", while the collection of Jesus Peiró, which his creative director Merche Segarra leads, was praised by the cinematographic reminiscences that were appreciated, for example, with the gloves to the Gilda of the fiancées.

Every year, the Galician Patricia Avedaño brings an international top-model, like Naomi Campbell y Karolina Kurkova, to show his garments. In this edition, it chose the Spaniard Nieves Álvarez, ex-muse of newly died Yves Saint-Laurent, which there detached all this "allure" that only the big ones know. In the holiday garments he bet for the miscellany of spots and streaks, the white person and black, the neckline bathtub and the floral patterns.

The farewell ran in charge of Pronovias, which presented exclusive the proposals for the fiancée of 2009 to his clients vips, as it did already last month in New York. In this one it was possible to see the lines of Manuel Mota - his creative director - Valentino and Elie Saab, that the Spanish giant commercializes. The event centred on the fiancée 2009, demonstrated that the wedding dresses there is something that it is necessary to think and to decide with time.
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