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For: Josefina Figueras
Elio Berhanyer
Devotee and Lomba
Hannibal Laguna
Javier Larrainzar
Roberto Torretta
Charo Peres
Pola Church / Dir. Cibeles Madrid Fiancées
Eighteen parades, between which they were representing creations of top designers of the Spanish fashion, have led the first edition of “Cibeles Madrid Fiancées” celebrated during the 23rd and 24th of April. The fashion has showed us what it reserves for the fiancées in an immediate future. Designs of romantic air, silks, brocades, organzas, silver adornments and crystal, frills, bonds and a wink to decades previous to the purest style vintage. The traditional pure white color coexists with the broken target, the crude oil and subtle tones of the beige and of the gray.
The Wedding Fair Door of Europe has celebrated his 7th edition organized for the first time by Ifema under the guidance of Pola Iglesias. This has given place to important innovations emphasizing the presentation of the new footbridge “Cibeles Madrid Fiancées” that, not only it has renewed his name, but also his concept and his presentation. Of this form Ifema he wants to reinforce the leading role of Madrid inside the panorama of the Spanish fashion.

Modesto Lomba, President of the Creators' Association of the Fashion of Spain, has belonged to the first designers “star“ in appearing to the footbridge. It has played with the contrasts – dull and brilliant textiles, fluid cloths that were sliding on more rigid others - and straight and stylized forms that were opened in the low one with cascades of creases or frills. Neither his characteristic geometric and architectural fits have been missing. Fabulous the garment - overcoat of level color ivory with a light tail sowed with applied rectangles.

The small details in black – shoes, gloves, bieses, belts - stood out in the models of Juan Duyos who has been praised by a silhouette of simple and very feminine line with some drapeados games. In the end an entire black suit with asymmetric neckline (for fiancées ó for widows?). Also Roberto Torretta has bet for the simplicity. Straight silhouette, clear cuts, lorzas and some shy lace superpositions. An ideal very commercial collection for fiancées who hate to be "disguised".

One of the most awaited collections was that of Hannibal Laguna who previously was presenting his fiancées in Barcelona and it has ended up for the first time in Madrid. His collection was a boasting of seam, based completely on straight forms and on necklines “word of honor”. Low of the skirts and the tails they were taking the principal source of inspiration of the designer who has used the sateen, the guipur and the gauze for his fabulous gathered and drapeados. Lagoon sums his fashion up in a quite clannish esthetic concept. It is sure that many fiancées will throw in absence more varied models definitely created for an important ceremony, how it is a wedding, and not that center on the only style type red carpet of the Oscars

Petro Valverde presented a series of garments with big volumes in organzas of silk brocades and guipures that confirmed once again his big prestige in the fashion for fiancées. His designs, sober and elegant, they were serving as base to the crystal adornments and to a few subtle applications of silver in laces and embroideries. Charo Peres based his collection on a coloring that ivory goes from the tones to an elegant tone old gold. The embroideries in silver or in crystal Swarovsky were bordering on the neckline and low of the sleeves of some suits. A very interesting detalles was the nice mantilla that accompanied one of his models, a Spanish and traditional touch of those who abounded little in this footbridge but that are fundamental in a collection of wedding dresses of our country and that are much appreciated in the exterior.

The most applauded collection, which put the public in foot, was that of Elio Berhanyer The main veteran offered a splendid collection in which it demonstrated his versatility and his aptitude to tackle different forms inside his style much “high fashion“. Classic influences, romantic proposals and the perfect employment of gasas with stones embroideries, mikados and laces. Very guessed right his detachable, some models in the shape of sateen suit with an "overcoat" of superposed lace that were allowing the double function of an impeccable suit of ceremony and more functional other for the most informal moments later to the wedding. His collection was fitting to his basic ideas “there does not exist a style defined for a wedding dress – he thinks - but the woman must accentuate with her own personality and not to look alike to others”. Elio takes care tambíen carefully of the music and the setting of his parades to immerse the public in the suitable climate. The apotheosis was with the musical fund of Aleluia de Hendel.

The footbridge was provided with other important names and also with holiday models, and others directed to the today fiancés. Also the Fair, which extended during the 25th and 26th, was presenting in his stands all kinds of complements, suits of holiday, dressed for the First Communion. More than 165 national and international marks took part in the event that it places once again to Spain in a position privileged inside the creation of wedding proposals.
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