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Spring..... comes the putting to point and the treatments to reduce michelines, piled up fats, in a word, to fight the cellulitis. The cosmetics and the most advanced skills proliferate. The Dra. Josefina Royo, Director of the Medical Institute Laser, tells to us that the term cellulitis only refers to the inflammation of the subcutaneous and adipose textile but, in fact, they inform in her a cascade of phenomena that they affect to the skin, to the greasy textile and to the vascular structures.
How does it appear in the women? 

The appearance of the cellulitis is determined by a hormonal genetic factor, which determines the structural disposition of the subcutaneous cellular textile. The lobes of the greasy textile in the hypocorium of the woman are of major size and they are subject to the corium for trabéculas fibrous very thin, exclusively arranged in sense perpendicular to the skin. This circumstance does that they have more facility for the nodes towards the exterior and that the fibres pull the skin inwards, producing the characteristic dimples of the "moving van".

What factors do they predispose? 

In addition to the hormonal pressure, there exist other factors that can unleash the appearance of the cellulitis as they are: 

· The ingestion of certain medicines (like corticoids or anovulants)
· The hereditary predisposition.
· The stress
· Circulatory problems
· The insomnia
· The absence of exercise
· Other myths like smoking, taking exact clothes or drinking coffee ….cuyo impact is not confirmed. 

What is his treatment for laser? 

We apply the technology most advanced against the located fat, flaccidity, cellulitis. The Radio frequency Unipolar Large has 30 more % of efficacy, reaches a depth of more than 3 cm. and it allows a homogeneous penetration of the completely painless energy. It is carried out by a frequency of every two weeks, being able to realize the treatment in several corporal regions simultaneously.

Does any contraindication exist?
Yes, it is not possible to apply in patients with dermal alterations, pacemaker, defibrillators, cardioversores and metallic implants in the area to be treated.


, innovative mark and specialist on the market anticelulítico presents his new Spray Invisible Anticelulítico Parche, a highly technological new concept to us and of extraordinary efficacy that needs a little time for his application. P.V.P: 21.95 euros.
ELANCYL proposes a special belly - waist” Cellu / re-turns Special Belly – Waist”, last generation of liporeductor who corrects the cellulitis of the abdominal area. PVP: 29,50 euros.
ROC presents his Patches anticelulíticos that have a powerful action because they combine the caffeine, carnitina and focus, ingredients known by his powerful activity anticelulítico. PVP (28 patches): 33 euros. 

STOPPAGE SYSTEM (Biocosmetics), the excellence of the dermatology across the plants offers his first biological scale of ecological cosmetics to face to the cellulitis. ”Concentrate Anticelulítico Bio” that there has 5 % of fosfatidilcolina that favors the elimination of the nodules of fat in buttocks, belly and legs. PVP: 19,90 euros.

YARROW presents on the market his LIPOZONE EXPRESS, Kit anticelulítico that, thanks to his exclusive combination and new formula that there includes Amodorina, a powerful amino acid of vegetable origin, he helps to eliminate the fats. This Kit contains Lipozone blisters and Patches differentials. PVP:27,50 euros.
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