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“The compensation is a realistic and healthy form for logar to support our weight without falling down in the excessive auto-demand; without depriving us of certain punctual excesses that are almost impossible to avoid in the current life” So the Dra explains it. Mar Mira, specialist in esthetic medicine and nutrition. One does not treat as a “new diet” but as a formula of maintenance that most of the persons – even without knowing it – they have practised one day, a “dietetic trick” easy to expire.
The most copious meals of the Christmas festivities and New Year, like most of the occasions and holidays in which some excess is done, they are capable of unbalancing any diet, especially if we realize a severe diet to lose weight. Nevertheless there is no why to disregard but …! to learn to compensate!

For pure logic we all know that after a day of excesses with the meal it is not of more “be cutting” on the following day and this way, in general, the organism asks us to resort to much more hypocaloric menus. But look out! to compensate means neither to fast nor to pass the day with a pair of juices, but to choose the most suitable food, those that help the organism to be purified and clean the track of the committed excesses.

The theory of the compensation is a dietetic formula based in balancing the potentials “excesses“ with later reductions. A method that allows “to take free” true eaten sometimes special compensating with lunches or dinners much lighter and based on a meno very concrete type composed by nutrients capable of improving the depurative process.

It is a suitable maintenance recipe for any person with "normopeso", never with an index of corporal mass below considered as suitably that thinks about how to support the line and he turns out to be especially adapted in persons' cases that jump a plan of hypocaloric diet of slimming, since with only one compensation day it is enough usually to return to the “point zero”: to take of above the extra one from him accumulated after having succumbed to a gastronomic excess. It must be realized on the following day of the excess and never extend more than three days.

Balanced and of proven efficacy, after years of clinical practice, the following menu - type is the recommendation of the Clinical Sight Craggy hill for the following day of extra food.

I have breakfast: Varied fruit (to Choose or to mix melon, pineapple, strawberries, kiwi and watermelon), more an infusion without sugar.

It comes up tomorrow: infusion without sugar or juice of tomato

I have lunch: Depurative recipe (to see in the end)

It has an afternoon snack: Varied fruit just as for the breakfast.

It has dinner: Depurative recipe

Ingredients 4 leeks, 2 turnips, a little of celery and an onion

Preparation: Trocear the vegetables and rehearth with little olive oil up to gilding them. To add water to the taste (generally 1 liter) and to boil until all the ingredients are almost made. To salt moderately.

Changes. According to tastes, this recipe allows to be consumed in 3 variants.
a) Soup, such a which is indicated in the form of standard presentation
b) It cremates (spending for the mixer the soup with the vegetable bits)
c) In two plates. On the one hand the consommé and for other the verduritas troceadas.
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