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Kim Bassinger
Kim Bassinger
Hillary Clinton candidate to the White House with 60 years, Madonna reigns of pop a few months before fulfilling the 50, winning Helen Mirren of an Oscar to his 61 and Kim Basinger one of the most wished women of the world with 52 years. It remains clear that something has changed and that the women of between 50 and 65 years of small today have to do with the stereotypes minted in the past.
To see what has changed in the current women from 50 to 65 years with regard to those of previous generations, a sociological study has been started for the first time in depth to know the image, the habits of life, the worries and the desires of the Spanish woman in the ripeness stage. The Study “Different from the 50" has been prepared by the signature of cosmetics Lancaster in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid.

According to the obtained results, most of the Spanish women from 50 to 65 years are brimming with vitality, beauty and energy; nevertheless, a hollow has to fight to be done in a society disconcerted before this new generation, who has broken with all the topics and claims the ripeness as the best stage of the life.

96 % of these women in Spain feels dear and active; 91 %, happy; 74 %, independent; and more than 70 %, young people, nice and attractive. Also, eight of every ten affirm that they are in a stage of the life in which they want, especially, to enjoy. They have discovered that looking after the image and the beauty of the ripeness is full of delight. 82 % uses every day some treatment product in this preference order: moisturizing, nourishing, in the night, anxiety or reaffirmant.

Almost 80 % feels much satisfied of his lives and the majority feels that it has come to the ripeness in the state much better than they were waiting. The economic and professional stability joined the fact of feeling young and attractive, there are two of the principal motives that makes them feel good.

His positive attitude before the life and his nature combatant they keep intact the desire to face new challenges. In fact, 73 % shows themselves filled with enthusiasm before the possibility of tackling new projects, hobbies, business and, even, of studying again.

For seven of every ten the key to meet well themselves is to have a positive attitude before the life and they have in the family and the friends his principal stability source. His principal worries are the family, to look after, to be independent economically and not to be a load for his children in the future. Seven of every ten of them, nevertheless, have to his charge the care of his grandchildren, task to which they dedicate an average of four daily hours. But for the majority, 63 %, is task does not suppose a load, but they enjoy her.

As for his personal care, 90 % controls what he eats and medical checkups are done and eight of every ten practises moderate exercise and walks between three and four times a week. The clothes and the hairstyle are for them essential at the time of feeling nice.

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