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For: Bale Castile
Chanel No. 5
Bamboo / Adolfo Dominguez
Psicodelic Pasha Ibiza
Halloween Kiss / Jesus del Pozo
Psicodelic Pasha Ibiza
We begin a new year for that we wait come fully from good things and that, like the good extracts, are indelible and for which the time does not happen. And now we wonder: to what do the good desires smell? The luck - it is said - it detaches an aroma of iris and of violets. The desire evokes the smell of a garden of orange blossom and the dear person smells to love and seduction. But the most important thing is to give feelings because these always leave trace.
The fashion has always had an active presence in the world of the perfume. There is no signature of prestige that has not its own aroma. Luxurious like the mythical Chanel, revolutionist like Thierry Mugler, exotic like Jesus del Pozo, fantastic and adventurous like Bond Girl of Avo, seducer as Serge Lutens or this Bamboo of Adolfo Dominguez, his last fragrance for men.

Before the last throwings these are our suggestions for the year 2009:

SERGE NOIR is the new perfume of Serge Lutens. A fragrance of high concentration, smoked, of crystallized ash, dust with sap, resin and ethereal wood. Inspired in the mythical fable of the Phoenix bird, it evokes re-arising triumphantly from the ashes of this bird of legend. This mysterious extract hides a double meant after his name, which coincides with that of his creator, since “serge“ also means twill in French, a delicate and subtle textile much valued between the designers, which dresses in black this elegant fragrance.

BAMBOO is the new masculine fragrance of Adolfo Dominguez inspired by an imposing forest of bambúes, the Forest of Anji, in China, a composition full of energy, force and vitality. It is directed for the modern man and transmits his energy across the fresh bamboo sprouts ketone, an unpublished molecule in perfumery. The force is given by the association of the cane bamboo with the leather, the cedar and the sandalwood, the balance is provided by the humid notes of vetiver, moss of holm oak and birch and the depth is obtained by an ambience of sheaths of vanilla and white musk.

PSICODELIC PASHA IBIZA is a duo of fragrances, feminine and masculine, that breathes the purest spirit of the psicodelia, this tendency arisen in 1960 that is characterized by the excitement of the senses stimulated by the music underground, lights of brilliant colors, kaleidoscopic images. Directed to the man it is of young style with a well definite personality that it qualifies like Oriental Fresh air. Directed to the woman, with the touch especiado of the cinnamon and the caramomo it qualifies in the family of the gustatory oriental fragrances.

HALLOWEEN KISS is the new fragrance of Jesus del Pozo who evokes the most varied aromas: peach, orchid, fressia, gardenia, peony … The red color of his bottle on which a Japanese orchid shows moves us to the oriental universe.

CHANEL 5 Impasible to the passage of time this fragrance created in 1921 by Cocó Chanel crosses triumphantly the barrier of 2009. It is the fruit of the adventurousness of the mythical designer and of the olfactory talent of Ernest Beaux that they realized together the adventure of creating an exceptional perfume that was defying epochs and styles. Today to be perfumed by a few drops of Chanel 5 keeps on being a gesture of the maximum distinction.

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