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Success Future - Guerlain
Protient Fortify - Roc
Is it possible today to sign up to the myth of the eternal youth? Difficult question … but yes it is possible to face the passage of time steadfastness and to demonstrate that it is possible to be beautiful at any age. The enemies watch: crow's feet, flaccidity, wrinkles, spots, are some facial elements where the aging is reflected. Till now it was fighting with plastic surgery, but today there triumph new generations of products, devices and treatments that produce an effective action in the face. The battle is served.
The effects of the photo-aging are observed immediately: excessive dryness, cracks and even descamación. The skin turns out to be dull, without life. There can have come the moment to realize a peeling to renew the skin thoroughly. The Dra. Luz García of the Esthetic Medical center Orel recommends to us this dermatologic process because “the peelings produce a controlled elimination, in the most superficial layer of the dead cells responsible for the aspect of the tired, dehydrated or aged skin. Also, they eliminate diverse impurities that disfigure the cutaneous surface.” Three classes of peelings exist: chemists (not abrasives), for dermoabrasión (mechanics) and with laser or touched light. 

The cosmetic treatments to support a rejuvenated face, are the leaders of a market who every day offer more innovation, investigation and new skills to his products. 

SHISEIDO, the Japanese signature of prestige, inside his program Bio-performance, the line anti-aging developed with the most advanced investigation, has presented the first program of intensive remedy that recharges the energy of the skin in only two weeks. “Intensive Skin Corrective Program” is composed by a whey and a balsam. The first one acts on the damaged hornlike layer and the second one, seals the whey in the skin guaranteeing an inalterable effect that lasts 24 hours. After two weeks of application, the skin restores his original steadfastness and his fortitude. 

The extract Pure Amber, Success Future, is the answer of GUERLAIN to the women from 35 to 60 years to fight simultaneously against the loss of steadfastness and against the formation of wrinkles. The extract of Pure Amber acts in the genes responsible for the quality and organization of the fibres of the corium, achieving that the cutaneous textile recovers his thickness. This product is the Guerlain answer to fight and to correct the loss of steadfastness and the wrinkles. It belongs to the scale Success Future. 

The famous esthetic doctor of Iranian origin, Dr. Chams has thrown his facial cream - “It Cremates It,” - that is the result of eight years of investigation and 6.430 proven formulae. This cream, says Dr. Chams, has a revolutionary component, it is a question of Palmitoyl Pentpeptide-3, which reduces the wrinkles and the collagen stimulates the synthesis and elastina

The laboratories ROC, expert in care anti-age, offer the first program of finished face lift: "Protient Fortify”, with a pioneering technology that strengthens and tightens the skin so that the face and the facial oval recover his form. This line there contains a revolutionary patent technology that combines essential minerals as the zinc, copper and magnesium with the DMAE, an agent reaffirmant who restores the thickness of the cellular textiles and tightens the fibres that compose the textiles of the skin. The finished treatment consists of nourishing cream and night reaffirmant, day cream face lift and a serum immediate face lift. 

And, if for the face the aging is synonymous of wrinkles, for the body it is the cutaneous dryness and loss of steadfastness. The laboratories PIERRE FABRE and inside his line Eau Thermale Avéne, recommends to us Eluage Corporal, which it strengthens, smoothes and hydrates the skin. It is applied in the night and the sensation of soft and flexible skin extends in the time and contributes the necessary elements to the mature skins so that they recover a lasting well-being.

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