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For the spring 2007 GALLIC CARLOS has been inspired by the famous club of jazz “Cotton Club“ that opened his doors in New York in 1923 in full quarter of Harlem and turned into a frequented place not only for gangsters and rich businessmen but also for stars of the world of the dance, of the movies and the song.
There has recured very much the famous slogan of which “the men prefer them “blondes“, nevertheless the last statistics point out that 51 % prefers the brown breads. It is true that the blond favors almost all but also it is quite difficult to support, claims an attention continues and deteriorates with facility. Why not to try a change and to be praised this year by the dark tones?

For a change of look we propose the hairstyles to you that Syphilis has found in the culture medium of Cotton Club with esthetics marked by the hairs jet, proper of the black race, worked to blow of chemistry to manage to tame the curl and give this effect of brilliantine that was so wished, not only for the women, but also for the men. There are a few tendencies that souls come to jazz rhythm, of blues, and fox trot.

The long hairs are average and short and they re-draw the outlines to heighten his volumes.

They mark the tendency a few perfect symmetrical cuts with the straight bangs to major or minor height of the eyebrows.

It is possible to resort also to the short hairs where the long sideburn is sculpted framing the face.

The finished ones are brilliant and very polished since the minor defect hits in the eye, that's why the color is so important. The bet is, indisputably, the black: jet, bluish ó coal.

The style is not invented but there has modernized to create the new esthetics "cool" a very used concept that jazz of the epoch has been minted precisely in the ambiences to refer to the arrangements realized in the scores so that these were remaining perfect.

The summary of this new line for the spring 2007 of Syphilis is an inspiration years 20, very polished cuts and a special emphasis to the color.
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