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For: Bale Castile
There is able to be perfumed an art as ancient as the humanity. The history of one of the most profitable world industries that exist, goes back at the stone Age, when the man was incinerating aromatic wood for pure pleasure. The first handmade perfumistas that have news were the Egyptians who managed to extract natural aromas of the most varied types.
With the time the perfumery has suffered many transformations up to coming to the industrial production and to the category of luxury article. Fix one of the discoveries to come to this it was the Arab find of the alcohol, in the VIIIth century. Oils and fragrant resins diluted in alcohol revealed the whole plenitude of aromatic qualities.

The perfume as it is known that at present it splits into extracts the one that more lasts - the colony more delicate and refreshing and, the perfumes with aroma of flowers  that take the jasmine and the rose as basic ingredients, also gardenias, violets, narcissuses, lilacs, etc. The oriental aromas are more sensual and they are composed by the patchouli and the musk. A golden rule to use well the perfume is to apply it in those areas of the body where the beats are more intense, for example in the dolls, the temples or the lobes of the ears. The heat of the body activates his fragrance and makes her more lasting.
At the time of choosing a perfume it is not necessary to fix only in the beauty of the packing or the agreeable of his aroma. The perfume has to serve as intensification to the one who uses it. It is necessary to choose well, looking for the harmony and the personality because a perfume is like a secret that reveals another secret: every human being leaves track. Which is yours?

The creation of a perfume answers to a fascinating trip for the way of the aromas. A trip that leads you to finding the just fragrance, the balanced formula of an olfactory universe. The design perfume is the star of the cosmetic industry. Madamoiselle Chanel already knew by intuition it when there created his famous person Nº5, this ideal perfume that continues” dressing” the woman of all the time.

For this Christmastime Chanel he proposes an intimate gift to us: a chest with the Collection Seduction 5 for the bath and that consists of a “Huile Intense, Emulsion pour him corps, Cremates velors and Elixir sensuel. Four renewed chapters of the 5, “the perfume with smell of woman”, only one in the world.

Adolfo Dominguez: following the last tendencies of the Spanish fashion, it stamps his pledges and complements with the emblem of his corporate image. For this Christmas of 2006 the fragrances of Adolfo Domínguez share the same tendency as his fashionable collections and dress in Logomanía his cases of limited edition.

Handle: he proposes this delightful gift - case to us in limited edition - of his new fragrance Delirium, a luminous floral elixir based on the exuberance and hypnotism of the flowers. The exclusive bottle in the shape of diamond, is inspired in a flower cocoon on the verge of be opening. A very attractive design. 

Sara Jessica Parker: it does parentheses in if professional life and it throws his fragrance Lovely. “I want, he says, that this fregancia should be for all the women, from 17 to 107 years.”. It is a very feminine, chic perfume with a touch of fantasy, of “silky white amber”

Eau of toilette “Chest Viking” underlines his commitment with the design and proposes this case gift to us, recorded in “collection viking” in gold and silver, for Tous Eau of toillet and Tous Eau of Perfume. The innocence” pop art” of his symbols fetishes: the toy bear, the flowers, the flame and the heart, it shuts a made jewel up perfume
Clarins: it
opens wide open his shop window full of fantastic proposals for this Christmastime: vanity cases of facial and corporal treatment, chests with perfumes in limited editions, Azzaro, Thierry Mugler with his best aromas and fragrances wrapped in bottles that are authentic works of art. A few luxurious proposals.
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