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The longed days of beach and of the sun are … to the return of the corner. But it is necessary to receive to the star king as it is deserved: with happiness but with precaution so that his wonderful beams do not create problems and we could show a nice tone tanned without staking the skin. If we are cautious the sun will appear before us as a healthy source of vitamins and an agreeable pleasure. A few orientations of the signature Lancaster, they will help us to extract the maximum divided to the solar exhibition.
This is the first question to which it is necessary to answer to be able to choose later correctly the protection levels indispensable SPF. All that more melanin has the skin, darker it will be. The melanin is the natural defense opposite to the harmful effects of the solar light, this way the persons with the clearest skin will need a higher SPF.

It is necessary to apply the adapted quantity of solar filter. Most of the people only use the fourth part of the solar protection that he needs to reach a coverage finished SPF. A medium height adult should apply at least the quantity corresponding to a teaspoonful to himself in every arm, leg, front of the body, back and face, including the neck and the ears, that is to say 35 ml for the application of all the parts of the body exposed to the sun.

The two most frequent errors with the solar treatments are: to use low protections and to take too much time in repeating the application. To apply a too thin layer limits the effect to the half. So that the solar filter turns out to be effective, it is necessary to apply it again every two hours, after every bath and whenever one dries off with the towel.

The risks related to the beams UV change according to the hour. The more vertical, the more shortly is the trip of the radiation on having crossed the ambience layers and to reach the ground. It is then when there are more beams UVB (they produce the burns). The beams GRAPE, persons in charge of the bronze-colored one, as the UVB, are present during every hour of the day.

The form easiest to measure the intensity of the sun is using the proper shade. The smaller and intense is the shade, the UV level is too high. When the shade is the double of long that one himself, the levels of UV are much surer.

It is necessary to use the protection even in the cloudy days. Although the sky is covered, most of the beams cross the clouds.

- The beams UVB are the most dangerous
So dangerous is the overexposure to the UVB as to the GRAPE. The beams UVB are the most dangerous put that are the persons in charge of the solar burns. But it is never necessary to underestimate the invisible effect of the beams GRAPE that, in the long term, there are respónsables of the aging and of the leather cancer. That's why all the solar treatments Lancaster incorporate a double protection. Filters of wide bogey UVA+UVB

- If I use a high protection I will not get a tan
FALSE: The protection factors raised do not prevent the bronze-colored one. The skin gets a tan of more gradual form at the time that it is more protected and this way his bronze-colored one will be more lasting.

- There is no limit of solar exhibition
FALSE: There exists a theoretical measurement of the quantity of solar light to which an individual can be exhibited in a sure way along his life, according to his phototype. This quantity is genetically certain and changes from one person to other one according to the duration and the frequency of the exhibition.

Lancaster has joined to his multiple interesting solar treatments innovations.

1) Oil-free milky body spray SPF 30 
A double protection, defense for a bronze-colored intelligent one.

2) Sun sport 
Three simple products in formats – aerosol, gel and bar - for sports outdoors resistant to the water and to the perspiration.

3) Sun men 
The first line of solar care designed definitely for man.

4) Infinite bronze
To capture the magic of the sun and of the color. A few innovative and entertaining makeup products A palette for the lips, cheekbones, eyes, skin to increase the natural attraction in summer and … at any season.

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