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Chanel - Gloss
Chanel - Varnish of Fingernails
Burjois - Gloss
Guerlain - Compact Dust
In the days of beach and of the sun the makeup does not go on to a background … only puts itself to tone with the station and is reserved for the holidays and the most playful moments. That's why it fills with a major fantasy. This year they dominate the "sheens". The cosmetics signatures compete in presenting to us proposals that shine with the force of his coloring magicians. These are some of more glamurosos makeups for the summer 2009.
Peter Philips, the Director of creation of makeup Chanel, has selected a few multicolored mothers-of-pearl and has created 8 tones to obtain a few brilliant lips East new gloss has a texture half gel, half cremates flown and untosa simultaneously. A few polymers capable of fixing the semi-transparent color guarantee a perfect sheen.

- “I love the sheen of “Levres Scintillantes“ - says Philips - since a small quantity can be applied at least nor look at the mirror and to obtain a subtle result, but if a more theatrical effect is wished also we can play with the exaggeration without fear”. 

The coloring a red one heightened with coordinated mothers-of-pearl contemplates a wide scale between those that there emphasizes Nebula a pink mauve one with twinkles of white blue mothers-of-pearl and violets, Silex a saturated coral of copper and pink reflexes and “Jupiter“.

To coordinate with the lips two fingernails varnish “Cosmic violins” a tone plum and “Mica rose” a soft rose.

Bourjois has popped in in the world of the sheen with Gloss Effet 3D Max. A new makeup for the lips that increases also the volume sensation talks each other of a radiant gloss that associates an unpublished texture reinforced by micro-activators of sheen and an applicator deposit of last generation.

The formula alisadora is enriched by polymers that form a flexible movie in the lips and give a dazzling and very faithful color. The coloring presents tones as varied as 4 tones of rose, raspberry, violet, purple, copper coral, and two beige tones from a shining tone as the gold to a caramel. All the colors of more success of the summer 2009. An "intelligent" applicator accentuates the sheen and contributes a major volume

“Nowadays the women wish a natural, luminous and shining skin. They dream of having a perfect skin that attracts all the looks turning them in the only and unforgettable – Olivier Echaudenaison says artistic director of Guerlain - Have to be a makeup in dust because our signature, from his creation, has demonstrated his mastery in this product”

More that a light bundle is a few dust on the face that provides a velvety aspect. A compact makeup with a sheen as they indicate the canons of the new makeups for the summer. The coloring includes rose, ivory, target, amber …

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