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Clarins - Colour Fizz
Clarins - Gloss Appeal
Bourjois - So Rouge
Bourjois - Joins I sent D'été
As a spring evening there are the colors that there propose to us the cosmetic geniuses of the beauty of the color. New tendencies that go in consonance with the fashion: look of new products, color naturally luminous, radiant...
”Summer desires” since he recommends to us the Bourjois atrapaluz. Six creations you cover with stars for lips smooth and well hydrated with finished glazed pearly. Illuminated look heightened by a game of pink shades and gold, underlined by a few voluminous eyelashes. Color lightly golden, with natural bronze-colored effect. This scale is composed by "Eau of gloss cosmic" in 3 colors. Two tones of shades of eyes “Suivez moi". His “Chinese shades” are the last innovation of Bourjois, of the line “So Rouge“. Well protected in his case, this new lips bar shows clearly his color and enriched with handle fat and karité, that offers 8 hours of duration. 

SHISEIDO proposes for this period a luminous and radiant makeup with the look “Radiant Pastels“, which is endorsed by the talent of his new artistic director Dick Page. His creations can seem simple to simple sight, but they are revealed by powerful elegance. The tones cake sprout in delicate shades that go from the blue to the rose. This look represents the summer sophistication, a look chic and full of energy that includes a new product, Multi-Shade Enhancer, a tanning and illuminating dust that contributes to the skin a touch of the sun, in addition to new tones of shades of eyes and bars of lips. 

Infinite Bronze” of LANCASTER invites us to fall down in the beautiful treasures of a footbridge of cosmetics”. It catches the light, Dress in her” he advises us this charming makeup line by means of light beams, to show a bronze-colored natural, healthy and sure one every day of the year. Beauty Escape, compact dust multishade, for all kinds of skins, it is possible to use in any season. “Matt and Shine Sun Powders, is a dull monochrome dust that heightens the complexion quickly. "Sunlight Palette” is a case of compact shades that appear with a natural harmony: luminous, fresh pink, golden and copper, to play with the light and to add a “Cool Shimmer blush” that provides a refreshing sensation that relieves the skin. “Shimmer Lip Gloss" is a sheen of shining lips and "Iluminating Concelar", a discreet magic pencil that unifies and corrects imperfection. 

Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz have created for CHANEL a night palette of daydream, exclusive creation where the target, the blue ones and the tones cake get in the black case with the Chanel initials. “They 4 Fleurs de Chanel” there are four eyes shades with an exclusive texctura, especially formulated and shaped in the shape of camellia, a fundamental piece in the Chanel history. It is of of difficult making lightly iridesced and covered with a touch of mother-of-pearl. Tones cake to illuminate a look. 

CLARINS communicates to us that in his collection “Colour Fizz“ everything is allowed and everything is possible. It is an evocation of the 70s, of living tonalities and bold shades of eyes that contrast without being opposed. Happy and luminous colors, transparences and sheens to underline the optimism and the beauty of the palette spring - summer of Clarins. There closes the circle of the proposed piece of news of the mark with "Monkey couleur" - shades of long duration - with twelve permanent tonalities and 2 tones in limited edition. The new eyeliner is a thin, flexible and firm brush. The eyeliner of soft mine, for a finished one blurred thanks to his applicator and finally, his "Gloss Appeal" that provides volume, colors with entire transparence the lips and illuminates them.
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