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Piz Buin
It is the best solution if you look for an instantaneous, nice color, which increases the glamor of your summer garments. His formulae are much perfected and contain a big number of assets that contribute the maximum possible color within a period of two or three hours. It is true that the benefits of the light of the sun in the skin are undeniable: they become oxygenated the organism and it provides an enviable good color. Nevertheless, the ozone depletion (1`5 % less), does that to the increase of the solar burns they are more rapid and the most frequent risks.
It is not necessary to forget that the tepidity of the first beams of the sun on the skin they provide a light vasodilatación of the capillaries, which improves the blood circulation, but when this one works to the relentí for the toxins and other factors, like the cellular aging, it is difficult to go so far as to have more a luminous skin. Hence there is so suitable the use of the self-tanning lotions, a rapid and suitable solution for all the skins. There can be also the ideal solution to have a bronze-colored nice one before going out of holidays and before contacting the sun. To use them it is necessary to bear in mind some factors

It chooses a texture adapted to your skin. In case you have very visible spots or propensity to them is not suitable that you use these products.

The color begins developing from 30 minutes or one hour. The result can be different in several persons because the skins react according to his ph.

If you exhibit yourself to the sun, unless you use a self-tanning lotion with solar filter, you need to apply the product to yourself with protection.

In the Research centers of the big signatures of cosmetics, the experts in solar care have used the technology most advanced to develop his treatments lines self-tanning lotions of last generation.

Lancaster presents a self-tanning lotion with the only formulation and the employment of ingredients hundred for hundred vegetables that guarantee the effectiveness of the product.

Tanned progressive of Galenic. It is natural and luminous. Of not greasy texture it allows the easy and uniform application.

More“ in” of Piz Buin, a pioneering mark in solar protection: it presents an original and practical product to use in the beach, it is a question of a bracelet that contains 50 ml of cream with solar factor 20 ideal for all kinds of skin. You prop it guarantees a deep and lasting protection opposite to the beams UVA/UVB.

Shiseido with his Brilliant Bronze Quick Self Tanning Gel, offers us a cream autobronceadora that is absorbed quickly.

Soleil, the bronze-colored evanescent one. Coconut Chanel, big lover of the coast, of the summer and of the free air, became fashionable the golden skin and with a favoring bronze-colored tone. She outlined successfully the first solar trtamiento. In 1930, a summer in Bairritz served to him as inspiration to create Poudre Tan, a beam brimming with health. Today there is born Soleil Tan of Chanel, fruit of a modern technology, the new dust of the sun that without be exhibiting to the effects of the solar beams serve to autotan the face and to provide a healthy aspect.
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