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For: Marosa Mountain-dweller
It is a new concept and he is born like alternative to all that that is traditional: in Spain, only it exists in Madrid, in san Sebastián and in Valencia; but in other European capitals – like London – this pioneering experience is very well-known; he thinks about how to fill a gap on the Spanish market with personalized and specializing offers: the care of the body and some natural extracts of high place standing, there constitute his identity signs.
There is provided with the exclusive interview in Spain of the signature Laura Mercier, the make-up artist of Julia Roberts, Jennifer López, Sarah Jessica Parker, Madonna, Jennifer Anniston, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz, between others. Fiona Milne, knew in his country – England - the success of this type of specialization and wanted to implant it in Valencia: he lives in the Denia locality and from there it directs the first steps of Q like proprietress.

How can the new perfumery concept be defined Q? What the difference of the most well-known or most traditional?

“The concept of Q is based on a bet by the marks “niche“, marks that in this moment are changing the sector, very specializing, with a few wide lines of product inside which there are some of cult, with a lot of success on the international markets. There are products that are beginning cleaning those of traditional marks out.”

How is the attention personalized to the client interpreted?

“Personally, when I enter a few department stores sometimes the noise, the music annoys me and even the light. We want that the buy is a relaxing and agreeable experience. This is what we treat with the space Q, that the one who between feels at ease and wants to repeat.”

What type of exclusive products is in Q? Does anyone stand out for his innovation or efficacy?

“We have the exclusive interview in Spain of the mark Laura Mercier. Laura is the make-up artist of Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Madonna and great more. His makeup bases are recognized like some of the best of the world. Also we are provided with other lines of products like RéVive or Dr. Sebagh of high quality and visible results. Also we have the perfumes of Frédéric Malle, which must survive in the refrigerator before being used for the first time.”

Does Valencia have "culture of the cosmetics" or is it yet far?

“I believe that Valencia has every day more culture of the cosmetics although perhaps less than Madrid, where our perfumery concept works already very well”.

The cosmetics "that works" are faced to persons of high acquisitive level...: is it possible to low the price of costs and to socialize it?

“The so called cosmetics that "works", and specifically the one that we have in Q, has prices higher than we can usually find on the market. Some of them have component whose investigations have been deserving of a Nobel Prize. It is clear that these differentiations do that his price is more raised of the normal thing, although not more than some traditional marks of big acceptance in our country”.

The products are different for women and for men because his needs the son: how does the man focus the culture of the image?

“Every day, the man worries about taking care more of his exterior aspect. It is already not content with a simple shave, but it resorts to more finished treatments. In Q we have several lines specializing in man, like for example Anthony Logistics or The Art of Shaving, as well as a service of specializing facial treatment for they.”

Fiona Milne, has chosen for the “emergent Valencia”, for a community that goes to more every day thanks to the effort of all the Valencian ones and for a society who endorses fully events as important as the Cup America or the circuit of formula 1, impelled by Eclestone.
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