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FOR THE SUMMER... The style “Easy Going“
For: Writing ASMODA
The summer demands a style of comfortable and natural hairstyle. Michel Meyer has created different versions for the half long hair giving tests of the versatility to which a cut can come technically perfectly. Meyer has explained the "cómos" to us and "porqués" of the style that “Easy Going“ has called
Serviceability or esthetics?
“There was an inflection point in the 80, which allowed to the woman to cut the hair in the hairdressing salon and to go out with the wet head. Since then, already there was no return. The cut keeps on being the axis, which grants freedom to a woman with a little time to dedicate to his beauty. It is necessary to look for a balance between the esthetics and the serviceability to compete in a world where every time the "whistles" and more "neurons" triumph less.

Do you keep on defending the fork as weapon of work?
“After happening for inexpert razors, the built cut is imposed. That's why I suggest the half long hair neither with bangs, which is not suitable to all the morfologías, nor all to the types of hair. Nevertheless, the tendency au carré allows the change and the femininity allows to outcrop.

Where does the health of the hair stay?
“With the style easy-going it becomes indispensable. To we allow to disregard of brushings, tongs, locks, pitchforks and of all that that tries to break the nature of every hair, by force of spoiling it. A healthy hair facilitates his arrangement during the summer and provides freedom to us opposite to the tendency. More virtual than practical, the fashion remains for a visual one”.

Wicks, dyes, "highlights" …: Does the color extract party of this naturalness?
“In effect. I bet for the natural hairs, with less requirements of the script every 15 days to finish with the effect roots, which gives a careless aspect and enslaves during the summer. The best thing is to accept the proper nature of the hair to define the volumes and the intensity of the color, which can be accentuated by natural pigments”.

Why have the waves turned into ringlets?
“Because there has not been invented the moulder who does not fry the hair. The curl stops being artificial to enjoy him when it is natural. I speak about ringlets, not about waves”.

What does he think about the smooth hair?
“That is a big solution, whenever he adapts himself to the features. It is a question of without contradicting his nature, allowing the wash and the drying outdoors, without going on with heat excess”

Some innovation with regard to the quiet ones?
“I allow myself a recommendation: Not to try to be right in it. It to harm is the best formula. Do not even stretch the hair try to order. If the cut is good, gather it anyway and it drop his being, with a free movement. This type of unexpected arrangements serves so much to sunbathe with protector, as for a summer dinner. The hairs suspenders are out of game because they end up by hardening the expression of the face”

How do we solve our image in the beach?
“Extracting party to the wet hair and to the protectors in gel, who allow us to realize a big variety of gathered, without hair of his place moving”.
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