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The fashion for the winter 2010 tends to the barroquismo. That's why the hairstyles look for the contrast of a few long hairs sugerentes and without complications but with a guessed right glamor touch. The FATTENING proposal for the winter 2010 there are the slightly sophisticated long hairs with courts that accompany the movement of the tops on soft and broken undulations recreating a controlled and chance volume. Adaptable proper hairstyles for the urban woman at any time of the day.
The long hairs of any measurement choose for the movement. To achieve this effect the hoods are disconnected of the wings with asymmetric double cuts. The surrounding gestures with broken waves are mixed by the smooth hairs, texturizados and by an aspect of false - tidy.

The lines of the short hairs are more geometric than in previous periods, with triangular volumes. The nape is worked so that it seems fuller although well cut away and rather limited, with a very polished effect. The wings gain volume

This winter shares two extreme tendencies loaded with positive energy and that present the duality of the style to us. The color goes on from the clearest and cold tones with some warm points, to dark tonalities that move for tones that go of chestnut-trees to blacks with touches lilac very precise.

The hair one works with razor desmechando the tops to give an effect texturizado, to obtain a major thickness, looking a finished native and very chance.

Healthy hair is the best guarantee of that the hairstyle will obtain the wished effect. After the winter comes still we meet some ravages of the summer epoch: the hair is slightly very dry, curls easily and it is difficult to dominate it. Fattening offers us a few easy and very effective hydration tricks:

To use a moisturizing shampoo with the proportional graduation to the dryness of the hair.

This type of hair demands like basic norm the application of a moisturizing mask once per week.

It is not necessary to forget the application and use of a capillary conditioner whenever it goes to use the dryer. Conditioners exist for newly washed hairs, which are rinsed by water in the last rinse and which usually act like treatment in depth on the hair and also they have protective effect.

The conditioners that are applied on a humid or dry hair allow to re-brush the hair without need to wash it, molding the hairstyle with the dryer without fear of a major dehydration, since they act like protective screen.
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