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Footbridge Latin America Fashion, a step passes
For: Mercedes Álvarez
Julia and Recream - Mexico
Miguel Vieira - Portugal
Nadine Zlotogora - Argentina
Pablo Ramírez - Argentina
Trista - Mexico
For sixth time, and given the success of previous editions, Ifema has organized the Footbridge again Latin America Fashion in the frame of the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM). In her there have met several names of the design of Latin America, which are making way for themselves on the European market with his interesting and creative proposals.
Ten have been the designers who have spent for the Sample, with eight exposed marks, someone already with two decades of trajectory, as in case of the Portuguese Miguel Vieira, the most veteran of all and the most "made". In general, the Footbridge has been marked by a few sober lines and with avant-garde character, both in the seam and in the miscellany of textiles and in the color, with blacks and subdued tones inspired by the nature. 

Nadine Zlotogora (Argentina) opened the passes, sharing space with the Colombian Carlos Valenzuela. Both were presenting collection for the first time in this frame and they showed a few designs “for the people with personality”. Nadine Zlotogora proposed bold sets, with superpositions, free and wide lines, garments - trapezes and air farmer. Tones ground and browns with dull patterns in heavy woolen textiles, of rigid aspect and frayed. 

Carlos Valenzuela for his part, extracted a fashion for a working and futurist man, with huntresses, vests of point, overcoats of cloth much carved in black tones, crude oil and stone, inspired by the urban and almost marginal tribes. Zippers, hoods and pants that recover the straight form of the knee to the ankle. 

Miguel Vieira is one of the Portuguese designers of more successful trajectory, which was parading for the second time in this Footbridge. It exhibited a few models for a sophisticated woman. Quite, absolutely quite, in black, both for the day, and for the night. Waisted waists, embossed skirts or to the bies with very much flight and completed with high boots of lacquer, luxurious and brilliant textiles and waisted and short jackets. 

Lina Cantillo (Colombia) proposed an eclectic collection: the woman, more bold, with very short skirts, and the most classic man, despite the extravagant blazers with hood. 

The sisters Julia and Recream, of Mexico, were inspired by the proper colors of the North Pole: targets and metallized with blue touches for a collection of wide lines and with a lot of volume in garments and skirts, which fit in the shallows over the knee. They extracted also a few sugerentes jackets of gauze on leggings in textile of brilliant level. 

Pablo Ramírez (Argentina) proposed a stylized and feminine woman, of Creole air, with exact waists, wide pants, short jackets and volumes in sleeves and legs. It was praised also by the black with some target touch. Textiles in wool and quality leather. 

Ricardo Dourado (Portugal) showed a few designs also wide in textiles of pictures that were contributing a color touch for a young and modern woman. The pants cigaret, in brilliant woven poplin, were combining with volumes in jackets and loose blouses. 

The mark Trista (Mexico), taken by two young designers, played with the wide volumes in the short garments, but with exact shallows and creases and volantitos asymmetric. The gathers, the stage and the drapeados were integral part of the whole collection, realized in cotton textiles. There were seen, along with the black and the brown, warm colors, like orange, rose and the yellow one.
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