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080 Barcelona: the Fashion from another optics
For: Montserrat Bros
Txell Miras
Seed drill Més
Teresa Helbig
Elsa Esturgie
Teresa Helbig
Barcelona looks for his place in the world of the fashion. The march of the Catalan designers dedicated to Cibeles and the inability to compete with the big ones of Milan, Paris, London and New York has forced the Catalan capital to look at another side of the sector: the new promises. The second edition of the footbridge Barcelona 080 appeared without polemic fortitude, to show the designs and the ideas in boiling of young both national and international talents. The reception has been very good and the second edition has already been confirmed for September.
Catalan Txell Miras gave the exit gunshot to this II edition located in Parc de la Ciutadella. The designer, who assured only to present a collection a year to devote itself more seriously to the plastic arts, continued in his habitual line of pieces superposed in black and browns, although also we could see designs in red and lilac.

Alberto Tous was making début in Barcelona with a homage the feminine woman with pledges that were leaking a romantic aura. The short and vaporous garments in black, gray and red were alternated, with the volumes and the asymmetries in the necklines, the sleeves and the length of the skirt.

The black and the pink stick were the common denominator of the parade of Zazo& Brull, a red garment passion. This Catalan tandem bet for the pants cigaret with minigarments, the skirts balloon and the sateen and the silk in his materials. The Belgian Elsa Esturgie rescued the spirit minimalista of the 90 with a collection full of delicate and comfortable closing, but simultaneously subtle, that allow movement freedom to the current woman.

Martin Lamothe continued with the line of the footbridge of betting for the black and lilac, but it was one of the most conceptual and most avant-garde in his designs both for man and for woman, just as EBP but with more color and self-assurance in his proposals.

In Pelican Aveneu we saw many shorts, hoods and patterns with degraded colors children of his ideology opposite to the estancamineto of the fashion and the pleasure. Another mark with beginning is the study of Material design by product, who says to design systems more than pieces, and it demonstrates it with new ways of cutting, of shaping and of making the coleccción. His vaporous garments in colors cake and ocher, inspired in the 20s, were another ode to the delicacy of the woman.

In fashion man, Jan Més was praised by the rigid lines and the abstinence with a predominance of the gray and the black with some twinkle of electrical blue, just as the Korean Il Galantuomo, who did his less is more of Mies Van der Rohe. Nevertheless, the man of Maikel Bongaerts is more a transgressor dressed completely in target, with silver or pretty pants khaki color.

She is undoubtedly the fashionable designer. Woody Allen resorted to her to dress Penélope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson in his last movie rolled in Barcelona. Teresa Helbig started like window dresser, although his familiar tradition must not be obviated in the world of the seam. His designs, of exquisite quality and impeccable courts, always heighten the femininity and the elegance of the woman. And this way he corroborated it putting color and good taste at the end of 080.
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