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For: Patricia Sañes
The third Footbridge edition Barcelona that was not auguring big victories, has turned into spokesman of exception of the national and international fashion. But in spite of the success the nostalgic ones of the Gaudí are still great...
TCN was giving the exit gunshot with his first collection of clothes of street dominated by the silver lurex. The alternation in the corset shop parade and look of street it has emphasized that good-looking Tothom Comella in the intimate thing for the transparence of the gauze and the reliefs of the brads and the laces, while in the exterior the proportions break, and it combines woolen jackets of thick point with sets of brilliant and thin lurex. TCN is praised by a look babydoll and grounge for the next autumn - winter. Celebrities as Lily Collins – daughter of the musician Phil Collins - have paraded with his models.

The first masculine Footbridge parade Barcelona has run in charge of Josep Abril. For them, the signature bets for a style street very urban. The blaisers and the jackets of fat point turn into the protagonists of the collection. For the next autumn - winter, April he uses a palette that goes of the target to the dark gray one.

Hannibal Laguna filled Footbridge Barcelona of glamor and sophistication. The models showed dressed mini jewels, facts with semiprecious stones, and paraded to the sound of Parisian music. The green and the black were the protagonists of the parade, and the mallow an indisputable one for holiday shoes. Hannibal Laguna bets for short garments, with necklines in the shape of word of honor or gathers to the neck.

Joaquim Verdú has presented his collection Passion, which answers to the calm and relaxed style that has always continued his trajectory. The Catalan designer dresses a sophisticated woman but with a free touch. The sateen and the velvet get together with wool in all kinds of pledges. For his particular Passion, Verdú has chosen to bring together black, red, brown chocolate and very clear beige separately or in streaks, splashed with light lurex touches.

After the cascade of diverse opinions about the future of the Footbridge Barcelona, the second day of parades passed in a much more placid way and the hurly-burly displaced the Fira of Barcelona, where on January 17 there was inaugurated the fair Bread and Butter.

The second Footbridge day Barcelona started in the House Llotja of Sea, the place chosen by the signature Armand Basi to present his feminine collection for the next autumn - winter and that is the second created by Markus Lupfer. The designer bets for the look babydoll, and leaves the curves to present oversize jerseys and wide shirts with sleeves abullonadas. The German signature proposes garments minifalderos that remember a 60s. The lacquer in skirts and overcoats does a wink to the rock of the 80. Markus Lupfer dresses the woman in exact wide pants to the waist with knot or belt.

Conrad Muhr did not defraud. Once again his parade was one waste of originality and spectacle. The place to present his collection “The golden lake” was the dome of the theater Coliseum of Barcelona. While ad was puncturing an employed DJ hoc, the footbridge there were parading models of cocky attitude – they - and absent prima donnas and sexy – they-. Muhr delighted the assistants with strident designs who bet for the black, the gold and the print of leopard. For them: Levites, necklaces, hats and wide pants. And they shine with hairdos, long skirts, and black garments with golden details. The parade was the whole extravagance exhibition for the least conventional.

Antonio Miró put the united note to the third Footbridge edition Barcelona. Senegaleses without roles was the models of his collection, and the stage of the parade was constructed by a small Indian canoe and goods boxes The designer spoke on the painful situation in which many immigrants come to Spain, and said to the means “the only thing that I can give them this is”. Samuel Eto'o supported the Miró initiative with his assistance, in addition to faithful follower of his designs confessed. The parade of Antonio Miró turned into a united act to the advantage of the rights of the immigrants who suffer in silence the social relegation.

The Catalan designer Custo Dalmau put the final Footbridge colophon Barcelona. The designer celebrated in the Forum a deifying closing between gogós and well-known faces. At the Custo holiday many famous persons were present and also some municipal politicians, like the mayor of Barcelona, Jordi Hereu, and the second vice-mayor, Inma Mayol. The show began when six ballerinas enjauladas began dancing to the rhythm of the music dance to show in movement the Custo proposals for the next autumn - winter 2007-2008 and, before the swinging of these cages that they were hanging from the roof, the models initiated an atypical parade that was looking for the theatricality more that to show in detail the pledges. Of the new designs of the Catalan, he emphasizes the everlasting coloring with innovative patterns and the pledges of linen to be showed.

This time, the extreme thinness of the models has not been a polemic topic. Footbridge Barcelona has decided to follow the lead of Cibeles and only it has allowed to parade to models with healthy aspect.
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