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From autumn, when the solar beams lose force, it is the best moment to tackle the “operation draft”. The spots are the third apex of the triangle of the aging together with the wrinkles and the flaccidity, with the sun as explosive I always number one. His favorite areas are those more at sight: hands, neck, neckline and especially the face where the spots are more visible especially in the cases of híper pigmentation, very difficult to camouflage with the makeup.
Before a facial spot the first thing is to determine his origin and class to look for the most effective solution.

Hormonal spots
They usually appear in the forehead, top lip, cheeks … your origin departs from hormonal changes – pregnancies, birth-control pill - or also for genetic predisposition although as in any spot his appearance is stimulated by the exhibition to the radiations UV, for what they become more clear in summer and clear up in winter.

Solar spots:
There are those straight derivatives of the accumulation of solar exhibitions. The most frequent are the lentigos, of character melánico (browns) or (reddish) vascular dilations that present themselves as extensive small glasses or even vascular chandeliers.

Residual spots Those post-injuries that stay like consequence of an injury or inflammation of the skin like granites, acne etc.

The doctors specialists in esthetic medicine Mar Mira and Sofia Ruiz of the Craggy hill suggest us a few interesting solutions that apply in his clinic of Madrid in Concha Espina 53.

For the melasma: Laser Pixel
There talks each other of the application of a laser ablative divided with the whole efficacy of a technology equivalent to the classic abrasive láseres (resurfacing) but damaging much less the skin and that in addition to taking ahead the melasma improve significantly the global aspect of the skins aged and damaged by the sun.

For the solar spots: IPL
A combined formula that, in addition to erasing the spots his reappearance helps to prepare and produces a real effect of facial renewal. It is a question of applying intense touched light, a light team that allows to work with different wavelengths striking dead so much the brown pigment of the lentigos like the red pigment of the vascular injuries.

For spots post-injuries: Peeling Nomelán Fenol
A novel chemical peeling destined for the maintenance of the thickness of the hornlike stratum and for the cellular renewal suitable dermoepidérmica for all kinds of skins. A step beyond the famous person Amelán, the Nomelán is effective, sure and less aggressive thanks to a studied combination of active beginning multi-effect.

Since the sun is a principal explosive of the spots pigmentarias it turns out to be crucial to carry to extremes the precautions before the solar exhibition. To avoid completely the exhibitions direct and prolonged in three months later to the treatment and to use every day of the year high protection factors, even day by day and during the autumn and the winter. Never less of SPF 15 usually and not below a SPF 50 in the months later to the treatment. The doctors recommend to turn the UV protection into daily habit. Even more when the last studies assure that: 70 %! of the signs of the age they are caused straight by the ultraviolet beams.
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