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For: Bale Castile
Making itself up is an art, a daily habit practised by million women who think about how to know the fashionable tendencies, the coloring of period: how to choose the ideal colors for every person and every moment...? This period not only a revival of the 80s lives through your clothes, also your beauty kit. It chooses strident colors like blue pop, the orange acid or the pink chewing gum and, especially the mystery of the seduction.
"A collection marks every period, like a flower in an imaginary garden", say to us Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz, of Chanel. Every period we are inspired by a few colors and a few effects of matter, of light. 4 CAMELLIAS I lead us to creating, about a spectacular case, an imaginary garden, a palette of roses stick, beige, brown and red intense, splashed of green tones. The mystery of the seduction of the camellias works in CHANEL

CLARINS defines his palette as "the tones of a nature illuminated with gold". His artistic director affirms that "this new Collection of Makeup Clarins "Golden Lights" how more than color, it is the golden light of the last beams of the autumn sun that illuminates the nature thinly, stimulates the browns with rose and orange, splashes the green ones with copper twinkles and turns the gray ones into mallows". All these tonalities are in the sheens of lips Gloss Appeal, in the shades Palette Quatuor, in the Eyeliner and in the eyeliners of eyes Crayons Yeux.

With "He Tames the tendency" BOURJOIS wakes up this autumn the "wild animal that exists in you". The new makeup collection Autumn - winter 2007 vibrates under the warm and sophisticated reflexes of the oros and gilded feminizados for the plums and the purples intense. This "wild" look is constructed concerning four innovations: a secret harmony of Guide de Style Golden Glamour, a duo composed by shades of ojs and precombined outlines (brown - mole and beige - gold) to sublimate the look. A rouge sublime Blush Or, to sculpt and nacarar the face and two bars of lips, Lovely Rouge Bijoux Beige Enigme and Lovely Rouge Prune Impériale, for the lips. The pencil Regard Effet Métallisse Brun inoxydable, to emphasize the look and the mask Volume Glamour Ultra Black for eyelashes.

SHISEIDO returns with his esthetics mod and includes two new and original products: Automatic Lip Crayon, an exceptional lips product two in one (outliner and bar) and Accentuating Cream Eyeliner, an original eyeliner in cream of long duration.

TERRACOTTA 2007 is the big GUERLAIN innovation. TERRACOTTA SO BOOSTER, is the first intelligent tanning dust, a product that supports the brown face during the whole year. And to keep on playing with the bronze-colored effect, the lips and the eyes have a new colors palette much sugerentes

And the 4th dimension of the glamor comes to the lips with new Lipfinity Colour and MAX'S Gloss FACTOR, a new concept of labial of long duration, in two steps that there offers a new concept of color multitone and sheen to achieve an attractive look.
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