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For: Bale Castile
The new makeups for the period Spring - summer 2007 are marked by the tipificación of the High fashion and of the movies.
The movie personalísima, snob and fascinating of “Maria Antonieta“, written, produced and directed by Sofia Coppola, and interpreted by Kirsten Dunst, it has untied a big polemic and has made him indifferent to nobody. It is very possible that where it exists criterion unit is in his staging, in the esthetics of his wardrobe, hairdressing salon and...: in the makeups!, that inhale a valued Oscar de la Academia. The gentleness, the pale, silver, golden and white colors, seems that they try to mark tendency in this spring.

Dominique Moncourtois and Heidi Morawetz have created for Chanel a brilliant, iridescent makeup: "Lumiére D'Artifices...” is, as say his creators, like an ingot which surface is worn out in the style of the cequíes, a few spangles of noble materials that are used in the High fashion. As in case of JEANS or PINK LAMË, we had to appeal a goldsmith so that it was making a special mold”. In the surface of the case, the dust presents an original relief. The spangles seem real, juxtaposed between themselves and sewed with a basting which tracing can be seen. It is High fashion dust in three tones - silver-platings, pearly and golden target, splashed by pips iridesced. A twinkles spectacle. This exclusive Chanel creation can be acquired at a 49€ price.

The new Bourjois makeup is a direct question: "Comme aprés 10 heures of sommeil”. What to do to keep on having a skin shining and rested after these nights without sleeping? Bourjois offers us from March, a makeup which formula is a vitamins concentrate E, F, B5 and mineral. This concentrate erases the signs of weariness, pouches, imperfection of colors, subdued complexion and provides a fresh and rested complexion. The exact quantity of the product presents in a bottle dispenser to itself for suministra. Five colors it includes the scale and it is for all kinds of skin.

Another product of Bourjois, absolutely essential for the new period there are the “Revisers of the Face”. This collection "camuflage", he corrects, camouflages and matifica all the small imperfection of the skin. “Bands anti-sheen”, “Reviser in stick” and the “Corrective Pencil”, are three products that go in the “fighter for the imperfection”.

Shiseido proposes for this period the “” more crafty and more entertaining makeup. It is a question of “Artistic Beauty“, a look somewhat innocent and playful, full of fantasy and of delicate and singular colors. It is necessary to emphasize in this palette a new product “Accentuating Color Podwer,” a rouge that defines and illuminates the cheeks of an intense and long form. It protects the skin of the dryness and the roughnesses thanks to his moisturizing agent Hydro-Wrap Vitalizing, exclusive of Shiseido and, also, it protects the skin of the beams UV. His price is of 35€.

Lancaster expert in solar care, throws a scale of color “Infinite Bronze Sunlight Makeup” a makeup bet absolutely pioneer and piece of news that has been able to combine the knowledge most advanced on the light and the sun to obtain in the skin the effects and sensations of the beams of the sun during the whole year. His product covers with stars it is “Face Bronzer SPF4 and SPF15... A cream of fund of rapid drying, not sticky and lightly dyed. It is on the market at the cost of 19,5€. It is necessary to emphasize from the scale two important products: "Easy Face Bronzer Brush SPF 12", liquid facial suntan lotion, disponioble in format of paintbrush (35 €), and “Silky-Soft Cream Power SPF 8, compact, moisturizing dust - cream and of easy application. 30,80€ boasted. The whole collection “Sungliht Makeup“, included the lacquer of fingernails, original and easy to apply, is very attractive.

Pat McGrath, global creative director of Max Factor affirms that “the makeup of this period has to breathe futurism, using the effect tanned like innovative element. It is fresh and not too brilliant, with a light luminosity touch”. “Bronze Sprit is the proposal of the new look of Max Factor who presents to us like innovation the “Pearls Bronceadoras”, a basic one for this summer... This product that will be free from May, provides sheen with a light color. Only a small quantity of pearly dust is necessary in the face to create a soft and healthy aspect. For the lips to apply “Silk Gloss“ (11,50€), which will keep them well hydrated, and for the eyes to apply “Eyeliner Coluor Perfection Duo”, metallic and golden, essential shades for this period. (6,90€).
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