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Seah Hairspa / Schwarzkopf
Tonucia / Rene Furterer
It introduces Age / indola
I cut or chatter, smoothly or curling, the hair needs in addition to the wash, special care to present a good aspect and to be able to adapt itself to the changes of style and to all the changes that the fashion marks. To support a strong and healthy healthy hair is the purpose of the capillary cosmetics that evolves constantly to offer finished treatments that solve specific problems of simple and effective form.
The hair is exposed every day to a series of agents that they damage to him, like dehydration, dryness, stress, in addition to the dyes, permanent and different environmental factors as the cold and the sun, which turn it fragile and fragile. He needs the action of products that bring him sheen, elasticity and vitality and that, at the same time, resist the aggressions that he suffers every day.

These” maltreatments” provoke problems of dehydration, loss of volume, lacking in sheen, dryness, split ends, dandruff or alopecia. The above mentioned it is one of the principal problems and it owes to genetic, hormonal or vascular factors. Although the hair is renewed constantly, every day we can lose between 60 and 100 hair, a rhythm that increases from 50 years.

The use of products adapted to every type of hair, a balanced feeding they are fundamental to support his good state. Also it is advisable to reduce the use of the dryer, to avoid the excessive colorations, sanear the tops often, to clarify it with cold water and to use soft combs not to break the capillary fibre.

With the summer arrival it is necessary to compensate the dried effects of the chlorine and the sun with products that return the hydration and nutrition of the hair. Champúes and conditioners are the basic treatments. His principal function is to eliminate dead cells, to clean the residues, to hydrate, to nourish, to revitalize and to support the natural humectación of the hair.

The capillary masks provide gentleness, improve the texture of the hair and avoid the imbalances that there provokes the coloration or the excessive use of the dryer. The capillary cosmetics have been praised in the last years for creating innovative formulae, to offer solutions to concrete problems of a comfortable way, developing products for all kinds hairs, by means of natural assets, vitamins and proteins, which minimize the damages and provide a natural and luminous tone


Seah Hairspa presents his new scale of products Seah Ocean that has formulated the laboratories Schwarzkopf for thin hairs, by means of oceanic minerals known by his qualities of recovery. The products include seaweed extract, for flexibilizar the hair and oil of tumbleweed to recover the lípidos. Result: lasting volume, hydration and natural sheen.

Rene Furterer has created his scale Tonucia, especially adapted for thin hairs. His mask Vigor Redensificante restructures, densifica and contributes energy and vigor to the hair. It facilitates the hairstyle and the untangled one.

A line of capillary care introduces spear for mature hair. It introduces Age Expertise it is formulated by experts who know of the lacks and needs for the hair from 40 years. His formula by means of antirust marine Collagen repairs, reitaliza and densifica his internal structure, bringing him the necessary nutrients so that it seems healthy and with sheen.
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