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It has been demonstrated that a relation exists between the presence of toxins in the body and the appearance of the cellulitis. According to the Dra. Teresa Valero Jefe of the Unit of corporal Esthetic Medicine of the Laser Medical Institute, his relation is propitiated by a bad feeding. Some circulatory problems might aggravate it or favor his appearance. The frequent digestive problems reduce the oxygenation of the cells and the blood is saturated of materials of waste that finish with settling in the critical areas of the body.

1. To drink waters down a two liters minimum a day. Ideal to keep the microcirculation clean. From two liters of water, the proper water ingestion is diurética

2. To cook lean grilled, to the stove, to the greased paper or stew. The fats accumulate straight in the "lobulillos" of the cellulitis. 

3. To avoid the carbohydrates of rapid action sweets, chocolate, industrial bakery, ice creams. Many moderation in the salt consumption. 

4. To realize light physical activity like walking, walking, running, dancing or mounting in bike during 45 daily minutes. This type of exercise is destined for the tonificación of the muscles where the fat is accumulated in excess.

5. To choose fresh meal and without cooking whenever it is possible to assure the correct microelements ingestion like the Silicon, necessary to support the structure of the cutaneous mass. 

6. To avoid alcoholic beverages since the alcohol there are empty calories that they transform straight into fat and are accumulated. Not to abuse the coffee since to the stimulant being potency the liberation of adrenaline that it induces to the energy saving. 

7. Usually to eat vegetables and vegetables especially alcalchofa and beet since they reinforce the functioning of the liver, the fennel on having been much a diuretic, celery of tranquilizing effect and anti-stress, the carrot since his betacarotenos protect the skin.

8. To take citrus fruits in abundance as the Grapefruit (purifier): taken on an empty stomach half an hour before the breakfast helps to the cleanliness of the night toxins. The Strawberries: for the high place contained in fibre, water and vitamin C, it is a very finished fruit against the orange skin. The Kiwi: powerful laxative loaded with vitamin C. The Pineapple: it accelerates the repair of the textiles and favors the elimination of líqidos and toxins. 

9. To do a diet that has a high place prcentaje protein and under greasy percentage and hidrocarbonato: fish, fresh cheese, egg white, purée of vegetables, skimmed milk.

10. To take food that contain potassium like schools, eggplants, to protect the dry skin, in addition to dry fruits in small quantities. 

11. To drink infusions that increase the metabolism as green tea and red tea and others that improve the elimination of toxins as those of sage. Also they help to avoid the cellulitis the taraxaco, the mint, the fennel and the white hawthorn.

12. To avoid the food that contain animal fats like butters, sausages, greasy meats or an excess of vegetable fats as the dry fruits and the avocado. 

13. To avoid the tobacco, powerful vasoconstrictor that harms the microcirculation of the peripheral textiles.

14. To avoid the stress and the anxiety in the life style

15. To be a finished day by means of natural juices that help to purify the organism.
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