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For: Bale Castile
Amethyst - Lalique
Coconut Mademoiselle - Chanel
U - Adolfo Domínguez
Flower of Orange blossom - Zara
Chrome Legend - Azzaro
If the writers have looked for the most secret metaphors to discover the emotion of a perfume or histories concerning the fragrances, nobody still knows why a fragrance pleases. In this mystery, the companies of the luxury invest immense quantities of money to put in a bottle the "soul" of the house, which is what tries to reflect a perfume. It discovers which she is your darling between the last throwings of this period.
But, really: How is a perfume done? The answer it is given us by Véronique Hermés, the president of Hermés perfume:
A perfume is the history of a meeting with someone who conceives an idea and the sample a few years later. It is a history of emotions, a love story.

When does it turn into seduction symbol?
In the XVIIIth century. These aromas were an exclusive luxury for the feminine members of the European courts. At the beginning of of the XXth Century fashionable signatures as Chanel revolutionized the concept of the perfume making it popular. Since then it symbolizes the identity of a house.

At what age does one enter the world of the perfume?
Earlier, at the age of 15 0 16. Now the boys begin the 13 to have his perfume, his aroma.

Is it of interest that a fragrance survives or is more profitable to extract a piece of news?
There is of everything in this universe. There are fragrances of periods and perfumes for geographical spaces.

What type of fragrance does the Spanish woman like?
It depends on the olfactory education. The Spaniards incline for fresh perfumes. It is a climate question.


* Chic extract of Shiseido, Five O! Clock au Gingembre, a new perfume of Serge Lutens inspired by the English tradition of the tea of the five classic Luxury. 

* Zara, Water perfumed for woman: Flower of Orange blossom, Rosa Búlgara and water Iris. Simplicity, abstinence and elegance define this line of fresh fragrances. For the children there presents before himself Zara Boy, a fresh and clean aroma. Entertained for sin.

* One authenticates jewel. Amethyst, of Lalique Parfums, a creation of Natalie Lorson who gathers in his olfactory pyramid a sparkling touch impregnated from fruits of the forest. For every fragrance a bottle jewel, of color amethyst with ear drawings engraved tone on tone.

* Chrome Legend de Azzaro, pioneer of the masculine aromatic cool. The green apple initiates the exit of this one fragrance which there joins the aroma of bitter orange, the musk, the cedar, patchouli and vetiver.

* Chloè, a fresh and feminine fragrance. For the actress Clemente Poseí, “it is a young, fresh and romantic aroma. Something that will always remain”.

* Coconut Mademoiselle, Brume Fraiche pour him Corps de Chanel. A perfumed and moisturizing mist for the body, of light and air texture. An ideal format for the weekend or the holidays. A Chanel not to forget.

* The summer comes for the world U from Adolfo Domínguez. His fresh and light aromas are adapted for any moment of the day, both in masculine and feminine version.
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