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For: Mercedes Álvarez
As “Country Invited”, the identity and the beauty of Brazil popped in in the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM), which was celebrated from July 17 until July 19, with the fashion that we will have in spring - summer 2009. The colors of the Brazilian flag (green and yellow) and the typical rhythms of this country, cradle of the bossa it nongoes, they allowed to feel in the exclusive parades of the Brazilian marks and in the corners of the Fair.
NATURAL TEXTILES: The cotton, like woven star, is inspired in the Brazilian culture, principally in the Region Northeast, with paintings and embroideries in “renaissance“, which is a type of noble brad realized by craftsmen of the region of Paraíba. The embroideries are realized by convicts who, with it, take reduction of sorrow of one day as every worn out three. All the pledges are realized in knitwear and tailor's cloths, emphasizing the garments in the feminine and infantile segment, and the shirts in the masculine one. Also they prosper with handmade details, like the sheens and the stones applications.

TONES: The cotton, with his natural tone in beige, brown and green without suffering any genetic alteration, is worn out from the miscellany of the brown primitive cotton and of the cotton seridó, whose fibre is the longer and the most resistant of the world. The colors letter uses in addition to the classic tones the blue, green ones and lilacs, and also a little stronger tones like black, wine and oil.

COMPLEMENTS: The purses, portfolios and footwear are realized in materials very similar to the organic and animal ones (snake, etc.), but there looks after scrupulously everything related to the risks of extinction of species and the environmental degradation. In the accessories, we emphasize the biojewel realized by the designer Suzana Rodríguez, with seeds, stones, oyster and silver, horn and scales of fish, achieving adornments of good taste, originality and big beauty.

STYLE BEACH: Classic models, coloring bikinis, swim suits for all the ages and styles: romantic, modern, dynamic. The designs are made looking for the serviceability and the durability. Diverse forms, unusual combinations, sheens, vibrant colors and very much I love that they transport to the energy of the sand of Rio de Janeiro. The colors and patterns are inspired in the Brazilian fauna and flora, with strong and vibrant tones. The fashion for beach of Brazil, painted to hand and tack, express the beautiful wealth of the local culture. Also the clothing fitness bears in mind the elasticity and the quality of natural materials.

FOR THEM: The masculine line centers in poles and t-shirts, in knitwears 100 % cotton, with completion vintage. Inspired in the role wall, where the streaks mixed with the shields and arabesques were common in last century, with washed or spent effect. The principal used textiles are knitwears and piqué, 100 % cotton and some models only in piqué or cotton miscellany and polyester, which join the gentleness of the cotton with the stability of the polyester.

Some Brazilian marks that are opening market in Europe are Confraria, Bel Sol, Espaço Bem Brazil, Bia Brazil Fitness, Brazilian Fit, Iber Boomerang, Dumaux, Mabel Magalhaes, Marcia Ganem, Sun Gold, Mine D'Agua and Art Brazil Bijouterias, between others.
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