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The eyes are capable of reflecting all our interior world. His expressive capacity has no limits and his seduction power turns them into a key point of the makeup. For this period autumn - winter continue on the one hand the tones cake and by other there is imposed the tendency of the metallic shades with golden colors and bronze. But there is something that can do to the even more expressive eyes: the personal skill at the time of making them up to heighten his strong points and to hide his problems. We suggest you a few simple but effective tricks
The first step is to prepare the linen. The dust and the base of the makeup can be this first preparation on which we will apply in the whole surface of the top eyelid a very clear dull shade, for example pale pink because it is capable of erasing the greyish or purple tone typical of the eyelids. Later the election of the color comes: violet, mallow, gilding, bronze... There are intense colors that decorate the top eyelid and sometimes they can come even up to the eyebrows.

To choose the color of the shades it is necessary to bear in mind the color of the skin and the hair, but especially the color of the eyes looking for a coloring that is inside the same scale. The possibilities fan with the shades is very varied and it is necessary to bear in mind also other "tricks" at the time of choosing.

If one tends to have the red eyes it is convenient to avoid the pink shades; if pouches are had to avoid mallows the plums and the violets.

The deep tones favor to the dull skins and the colors cake to the pale skins.

If you want a natural result choose dull shades or lightly rainbow-colored. The pearly ones are showier and they emphasize more defects and the wrinkles therefore they are only advisable in very young women.

The dark colors give force to the look, and the skylights illuminate it.

The shades can be acquired in the shape of dust, liquid or stick according to the tastes, and also in the shape of monkey, duo or trio. It is possible to decide in favor of the trio, the day that we make ourselves up with more time and to resort to the monkey for the daily hurries.

If you doubt between that color to choose remembers that the brown and the beige usually combine well with all the eyes and with all kinds of skin.

Very separated eyes: A very dark shade puts itself inside the eyelid diminishing gradually the color to end with more luminous and clear tones in the external angle of the eye.

Very together eyes: To concentrate the color on the external angle of the eye. Along with the lachrymal one we apply a clear color that we will be intensifying applying the darkest tone as we approach the exterior part of the eyelid

Big eyes. According to the skill of the clair-obscure one dark and deep tones must be used to "sink" the big area and skylights around.

Sunken eyes: It is necessary to darken the arch supercilial and to place the clearest tones in the mobile eyelid.

Eyes with contact lenses: It is necessary to place the contact lenses before making itself up and using shades of eyes that adhere well to the eyelid to prevent from bringing in in the eye makeup particles. It is suitable to use tested products dermatologic and oftalmológicamente and if possible that have no perfume.

Eyes with glasses: If the glasses are of increase it is convenient to use dark tones or in any case to attenuate the dark tones with shades and clear illuminators. If they are not of increase to use deep and intense tones.

For siluetar the lines of the shade the eyeliner one can use the same that to draw the natural line of the eyelashes and to mark the interior area.

It is important to apply the eyelashes mask. The black color is most indicated to achieve a major thickness and to lengthen them to the maximum.

For a holiday makeup it applies shade pigments of gold or silver to illuminate. And it draws the low part with a few color toquecitos. You will manage to enlarge the look and center all the attention on the eyes.

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