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For: Bale Castile
It is the best solution if you look for an instantaneous, nice color, which increases the glamor of your summer garments. His formulae are much perfected and contain a big number of assets that contribute the maximum possible color within a period of two or three hours. It is true that the benefits of the light of the sun in the skin are undeniable: they become oxygenated the organism and it provides an enviable good color. Nevertheless, the ozone depletion (1`5 % less), does that to the increase of the solar burns they are more rapid and the most frequent risks.
It is not necessary to forget that the tepidity of the first beams of the sun on the skin they provide a light vasodilatación of the capillaries, which improves the blood circulation, but when this one works to the relentí for the toxins and other factors, like the cellular aging, it is difficult to go so far as to have more a luminous skin. Hence it is so c
Carlos Galico, with a long trajectory in fiancée's hairstyles, proposes this year brushed that clear the face to find all his force in the high area of the head well in the shape of gathered smooth or of more sophisticated forms. To adapt themselves to all kinds of lengths they can work with extensions or false of the same tone as the base. This way in addition to increasing the length one can increase the volume and the thickness of the hair that need this type of gathered.

The accessories increase the beauty of the buns by means of tiaras, tiers of pearls and jewels hidden between tufts that heighten the romantic spirit and "vintage" that triumphs in the collections of fiancée's garments. A few new exquisite proposals of Syphilis that reinvent the glamor and promote the femininity.
Clarins has presented the first product created to add a slimming action to the moisturizing corporal treatments reaffirmants and even to the complementary ones of the perfumes. A few drops of concentrated “Adition Concentré Minceur” with the daily corporal treatment are enough to enrich his properties with a slimming efficacy. The simplest and ultra-rapid application.

This novel product is enriched by 7 active plants: the baccharis, that there prevents the development of the adipose textile, the hortonia of Ceylon that helps to inhibit the transformation of the preadipocitos in adipositos, the cangzhu that favors the elimination of fats, the geraneo that activates the elimination of fats, the gauraná that increases the action lipolítica thanks to his wealth in caffeine, the fingernail of cat that brakes the storage of the fats and the agrimony that stimulates the drainage.
May, 2008
Spring..... comes the putting to point and the treatments to reduce michelines, piled up fats, in a word, to fight the cellulitis. The cosmetics and the most advanced skills proliferate. The Dra. Josefina Royo, Director of the Medical Institute Laser, tells to us that the term cellulitis only refers to the inflammation of the subcutaneous and adipose textile but, in fact, they inform in her a cascade of phenomena that they affect to the skin, to the greasy textile and to the vascular structures.
April, 2008
I cut or chatter, smoothly or curling, the hair needs in addition to the wash, special care to present a good aspect and to be able to adapt itself to the changes of style and to all the changes that the fashion marks. To support a strong and healthy healthy hair is the purpose of the capillary cosmetics that evolves constantly to offer finished treatments that solve specific problems of simple and effective form.
March, 2008
As a spring evening there are the colors that there propose to us the cosmetic geniuses of the beauty of the color. New tendencies that go in consonance with the fashion: look of new products, color naturally luminous, radiant...
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