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“The compensation is a realistic and healthy form for logar to support our weight without falling down in the excessive auto-demand; without depriving us of certain punctual excesses that are almost impossible to avoid in the current life” So the Dra explains it. Mar Mira, specialist in esthetic medicine and nutrition. One does not treat as a “new diet” but as a formula of maintenance that most of the persons – even without knowing it – they have practised one day, a “dietetic trick” easy to expire.
The most copious meals of the Christmas festivities and New Year, like most of the occasions and holidays in which some excess is done, they are capable of unbalancing any diet, especially if we realize a severe diet to lose weight. Nevertheless there is no why to disregard but! to learn to compensate! For pure logic all
There has presented to himself on the Market Fuencarral of Madrid the fragrance Black XS in feminine and masculine version inside a festival rocker of the group Zenttric. The tour of the bus has initiated this way Rock Academy turned into mobile stage that has tackled a tour along Saragossa, San Sebastian, Barcelona to end in Madrid with a concert on January 8. The Rabanne fragrance is a fruit-bearing amaderada and it contains different exotic elements as lemon of Calabria, wood of mahogany, kalamanzi, Roman sage … The chords of the fragrance are powerful and confirmed like the arisen ones from the electrical guitars of this nice ambience rocker who has accompanied to his throwing.
To start the year with good aspect CLARINS has presented a self-tanning lotion with texture of well-worn cream that provides to the face and to the body a golden tone and at the same time it protects of the sun. It leaves the skin flexible and glossed thanks to the oil of plum anti deshidratante and of conditioning aloe. A result embellecedor reinforced by the vitamin E, antirradicales free. To guarantee a bronze-colored tone even more naturally, in accordance with the season, the product contains an exclusive extract of cártamo that stimulates gently the melanin production.

December, 2009
A perfume, a fragrance, is a fantastic gift in any season, but when the holidays come, the big marks of cosmetics and more enblemáticos fashionable designers show us his products arranged to that we spend Christmas and New Year surrounded with the best aromas. These are some of the last and most popular throwings to receive elegantly and happiness the year 2010.
November, 2009
The fashion for the winter 2010 tends to the barroquismo. That's why the hairstyles look for the contrast of a few long hairs sugerentes and without complications but with a guessed right glamor touch. The FATTENING proposal for the winter 2010 there are the slightly sophisticated long hairs with courts that accompany the movement of the tops on soft and broken undulations recreating a controlled and chance volume. Adaptable proper hairstyles for the urban woman at any time of the day.
October, 2009
The new coloring of the makeup debates between two extreme positions between which intermediate formulae can be chosen. We have seen them in the last footbridges like one more sample of the intimate relation that exists between fashion and makeup and the joint inspiration that joins designers and make-up artists. On the one hand there is the tendency that it praises for look deep with effect "smokey" that dyes the black's eyelid and for other one the one that is praised by the tones "nude" and an extreme paleness.
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