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For: Bale Castile
As a spring evening there are the colors that there propose to us the cosmetic geniuses of the beauty of the color. New tendencies that go in consonance with the fashion: look of new products, color naturally luminous, radiant...
Summer desires since he recommends to us the Bourjois atrapaluz. Six creations you cover with stars for lips smooth and well hydrated with finished glazed pearly. Illuminated look heightened by a game of pink shades and gold, underlined by a few voluminous eyelashes. Color lightly golden, with natural bronze-colored effect. This scale is compuest
Roberto Verino has wanted to put a golden brooch to his XXV anniversary like designer, closing the coherent circle of his perfumes with a luxurious fragrance.
VV Platinium”. His emblematic transparent bucket has been recorded by a platinum thread that draws a posy of interlaced earrings. Inside, a metallic fragrance, with exit of tangerine, lime and green tea. The heart is composed by a floral bouquet and the fund is an original combination of amber, coriander and the tiaré flower. The whole luxury.
Vichy throws to the market a cream for the woman worried by his health and that they are 60 years old from now on. The cream Cellébiotic answers to his needs thanks to the investigation of L'oreal inspired by the advances on the studies antiage. This way associating the Dermobiotique with the vitamin B8, the laboratories Vichy have created Biotique-B8, that is the keystone of this treatment of “health“, created to rejuvenate in depth the skin of the women “seniors“
February, 2008
The revival of the fashion towards images of the 40s and 50s has put in the first plane the long hairs with form in the style of the big stars of Hollywood of the epoch, gaining the game to the faded hairs. GALLIC CARLOS claims this tendency of a very personal way converting his collection spring - summer 2008 into an authentic allegory to the waves in all his versions.
January, 2008
Hillary Clinton candidate to the White House with 60 years, Madonna reigns of pop a few months before fulfilling the 50, winning Helen Mirren of an Oscar to his 61 and Kim Basinger one of the most wished women of the world with 52 years. It remains clear that something has changed and that the women of between 50 and 65 years of small today have to do with the stereotypes minted in the past.
December, 2007
The Christmas holidays approach and a perfume turns into a surprise, a caprice, a festive exhuberancia, a touch of magic for a very exclusive Christmas present. It is true that every season has a type of aroma certain: the floral waters and the fruity colonies are own of the warm stations, while in winter the general tendency is praised by the very elaborated perfumes.
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