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080 Barcelona: the Fashion from another optics
For: Montserrat Bros
Barcelona looks for his place in the world of the fashion. The march of the Catalan designers dedicated to Cibeles and the inability to compete with the big ones of Milan, Paris, London and New York has forced the Catalan capital to look at another side of the sector: the new promises. The second edition of the footbridge Barcelona 080 appeared without polemic fortitude, to show the designs and the ideas in boiling of young both national and international talents. The reception has been very good and the second edition has already been confirmed for September.
Catalan Txell Miras gave the exit gunshot to this II edition located in Parc de la Ciutadella. The designer, who assured only to present a collection a year to devote itself more seriously to the plastic arts, continued in his habitual line of pieces superposed in black and browns, although also we could see designs in red and li
The Collection of John Frieda is a line for the care of the hair that he recognizes that the light is a fundamental factor to have it living and brilliant. The shampoos and conditioners with activators of light “Brillant Brúñete“ and “Sheer Blonde“ are the result of an exclusive technology that praises the effect diamond of the light on the clear hairs and the dark hairs adapting itself to the characteristics of the brunettes and the blondes.
With the step of the years the color of the skin darkens giving a subdued aspect. Thibault Vabre designed for the Laboratories Clarins 5 tonalities that return life and luminosity to the face. “Opal“ to heighten the cool of the clear skins, “Sand“ a subtle tone gilded for the pale and pink complexion, “Lychee“ the universal tonality that illuminates all the types of skin giving them a good natural aspect ideal "Honey" to stimulate the subdued skins and “Tea“ that heightens the resplendence of the complexion brown or tanned with a warm golden tone.
April, 2008
An intense week, that of the most important second fashionable footbridge of the world after Paris. We have seen again the Italian genius and the mastery in the making of his collections in all the creators. A singing to the perfection. Brave Milan!
March, 2008
Footbridge Latin America Fashion, a step passes
For sixth time, and given the success of previous editions, Ifema has organized the Footbridge again Latin America Fashion in the frame of the International Lounge of the Fashion of Madrid (SIMM). In her there have met several names of the design of Latin America, which are making way for themselves on the European market with his interesting and creative proposals.
February, 2008
Christian Lacroix in the Museum of Decorative Arts
It is defined by the brilliant colors, the luxury and the perfection. He is one of the designers preferred by the Spanish infanta Helen de Borbón. The Museum of Decorative Arts of Paris, next to the museum of the Louvre he dedicates a very particular retrospective, which it includes the years 1987-2007 and which will be closed on April 20, 2008. The sample, finally, is a miscellany of exhibition and collection, of compilation of suits and of presentation of Seam.
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